Iran: At the beginning in 1979 .... And Now.


by alimostofi

At the beginning in 1979

At the beginning in 1979, everything was great. The Shah had gone and business was as usual. But there was one major difference.

The new kid on the block needed his own weapons. The weapon suppliers were in business again.

You all know what I am saying. It is not that complicated. The last thing the world needs is another Japan in West Asia. That is why they stopped the old regime. The war with Iraq took care of progress and legitimized the IRGC.

But it did not work. GW Bush noticed that the new kids on the block were doing what the Shah was doing. Normal business was back again. Shit, he had to slow it down. He then gave reasons for the Islamic neocons in Iran to come out of the wood work. He created the Axis of Evil. The two neocons began playing tit-4-tat. Money did not trickle down.

What the neocons know, is that small businesses and non capital intensive businesses, are a threat. Better to have a couple of generals have all the money, and waste it all on white elephants like centrifuges etc. Money should not trickle down to grass roots or infrastructure projects.

Neocons liked the Shah, when he was blowing it all away in weapons. But once he stopped, he was out. The same will happen to IRGC. Or will the zeal of Islam keep them from becoming complacent?

And Now

Now here is the solution. What the big companies, and it is them we are talking about, not US government, need is a place where they can use the labour and natural resources to make profit. Iran and the other Western Asian countries can be a massive counterbalance to East Asian titans like Japan Korea etc etc.

China knows that ultimately it needs to keep Iran. The Shah should have seriously had better contacts in China. I know the last Ambassador of Iran to China. They were not as shrewd as IRGC.

Our problem now will only be solved, if you lot can establish new contacts with the Chinese, and present an alternative to the IRGC.

Can you, the Iranian diaspora, produce and alternative front to represent Iran? All the people who can do anything, are working in the top jobs in US. They all have the ability to write and network, and yet for some peculiar reason do not want to collaborate to save Iran.

What is the roots of the problem? It comes from the fact that, they have become little drops of water, in the vast ocean of USA. One person is here, the other is there. There is not a Centre as such. Sure Westwood LA, has loads of shops, but there is no proper physical forum as such.

The internet has produced a lot of sites and forums, and that is where we Iranians are letting off steam and coming down to earth. But still it is far too fragmented. Our problem is that there is not one place anywhere you can call Iran anymore.

Iran itself has been invaded, and there isn't one place outside Iran, where all Iranians can agree to calling Iran. We can fix that. So what are we waiting for?

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