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by alimostofi

Everyone is asking, "why did it happen in Tunisia, and not Iran?" The angry killers, are thinking that their way is spreading in Tunisia.  To me it seems that finally we have a window of opportunity for the freedom of Iran. Bear with me, let me define the various dots, and then we can connect them.


The Internal Situation 


  • Iranians needed a moral order to fight to get more democracy and thought that Khomeini and his gang were it.
  • Iranians are disappointed with the Islamic way of life, but they do not have a simple alternative to fill the void, if Islam is removed.
  • Reforming Islam will not work as it sanctifies death, and Iranians do not like to kill.
  • Removing capital punishment as a distinct process will neutralize the religious discussion.
  • Political movements do not work, as no one trusts anyone until the country is regained first.
  • Once an Iran based on putting Iran first is created, then democracy can operate.



The External Situation 


  • US military industrial complex is huge and it needs a foe.
  • USSR and Communists created the necessary fear to get the Shah to buy weapons, and become too "pro-US".
  • Shah told the US to go out of the area as he was the policeman for the area against USSR.
  • US military gets rid of the Shah to be able to stay in the area and scare Arabs and Israelis with Khoemeini's gang.
  • China and India are clashing with the US over Khmoeini's gang exclusive deals.



So my argument is that it is all about money and in particular lucrative military deals.  They are those who have benefited.  Look at the military bandits in Khomeini's gang.  They are so rich, much richer than the National Army's Generals under Shahanshah's White Revolution ever were. From a poor man's perspective, nothing has changed.

Now that we know where the problem is, we need to think how to get rid of it in the simplest and least harmful way.  As you all know I have been the non-violent big mouth longer than anyone.  I have taken loads of crap from Generals' kids for the past thirty years.  I love the Royal Institution as the defneder of Iranian culture.  We do not have anything else.

People say to me, you are called Ali, and yet believe in Zoroastrianism.  Nuts! I say that Ali and all those so called "Islamic" names didn't just pop out of thin air.  What do you think Alis were before Islam?  They all read ancient Iranian books that we burnt by Salman Parsi's gang.  So Iran is older and deeper than all that.  We Iranians have managed to find better thoughts without giving credit to Islam as if we hate it.

Dwelling on Hate. Let me go into this a bit.  I grew up with my mum as a Shiite who still prays towards Mecca.  My dad spent his life hating Islam.  Did he have an alternative? No.

So I found an alternative, and that is what got me out of hating.  Nothing can be done based on hate.  Iranians now know that they cannot change Iran, by hating Khomeini's gang.  Ok, you can argue that you can go and use a magic wand (if you had one) and wipe out Khomeini's gang, but soon enough they will come around.

Remember Kartir tried to do that and look at what happened.  No Cause based on killing is a Cause.  So that is why we Iranians are not going around killing the gang.  We could not bear to look at them in the eye, and tell them we killed them.  Just look at how they are ashamed of what their gang has done so far. 

Cracks that travel. We know that with time the gang will implode.  Cracks are there, but the pieces of the gang had no where to go until now.  With Islam revolting in the Arab lands, like it should have, instead of Iran, Khomeini's gang can go there.  They have a way out, just like you will shut the lights to get rid of a fly in your room, to go next door. Iranians' mind is shut to Islam, and the gang knows that.  They would love to leave, than die.  We don't want martyrs.

US military can go elsewhere. With the need for US military increasing, as they worry more about the Islamic movements elsewhere, they will not be too concerned about Khomeini's gang anymore providing the PR for them.  New gangs are propping up elsewhere and they will scare the US public more than Khomeini's gang.  New scaremongering agencies are ready to work for them.

New threats to glorify. So once the US knows that it can still get funding because there are other areas, it won't mind if we Iranians get rid of Khomeini's gang.  Where we Iranians need help is in the media.  We need the US media to not convey the gang as Iranians, as they have since 1979.  The media sells a lot of articles about Islamic threat, and now it can write about Tunisia and elsewhere, and not glorify Khomeini's gang.  Iran will be left alone.

New markets to sell weapons and other things to. So the US military industry has loads of new customers who are going to get scared, as missiles will threaten Europe from North Africa.  Christian African states will get worked up as well.  As these countries spend money on this new hardware, less money goes to the people's welfare, and non-military domestic infrastructure projects. Suddenly the people will get more depressed and start to take more drugs.  Narcotics will increase like it has in Iran, and the drug dealers make money, just like they have in Iran since 1979.  Women will be exported.  Children will be sold.  Just like in Iran now.  But once they have other markets, they will leave Iran.

Ask any Iranian. Yes ask any Iranian, "what is it that has caused all our misery", and they will tell you it is oil.  If we were some poor unimportant nation, then we would not have had Khomeini's gang flown in by the US and UK and France.  So I say, once there is a new place for these miserable traders who feed on countries, to go to, then Iranians will be able to get rid of the gangs. So their new misery, will be our salvation.



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