Iran vs The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


by alimostofi

A great shootout awaits us all as three major powers of the world line up.

I tried to identify which of the major powers would be The Bad, and I thought of the Chinese right away. Unlike others, they will deal with anyone. So the Hezbollahis in Iran can exchange our oil with arms. The oil fuels all the factories belonging to western nations like Apple and Wal-Mart.

Ironically The Good was harder to identify. It is easy to think it is the West. But as I said, they have factories in China. Moreover, they have invested far too much in weapons industries, which need war to keep in business. But ultimately the world will see them as The Good.

The Ugly was easier to identify. Look at India. In many respect their predicament is very ugly. They nurtured Khomeini at Lucknow, as that area is still famous for Islamic Marxism. But what is terribly unsightful, is how Hinduism with all its non-violent morality, inspires that nation to deal with violent Hezbollahis. Where is the beauty in that?

But there are those who are beyond good and evil. They will deal with each other, over drugs and weapons, no matter if they are Jews Christians or Moslems, via what was The Silk Route. That is what keeps Iran in turmoil.

The war is not between nation states as much as between multinationals like Apple and nation states - over conditions of labour and profit. The debate is very old, but Iran is now part of that more than anything else. Chinese sweat shops like Foxconn make Apple's stuff, and you buy it to play your favourite video.


Apple is now almost as large as the rest of the US retail industry combined. Why is not broken up?

We live in a world driven by slavery and we help it survive. Iran's cheap oil deals with Chinese oil companies is behind all this. The power that benefits from this is beyond nations. Ultimately what will bring this power to its heels, is a global recession or depression never seen in the history of mankind.

If we do not have an economic calamity, it will be because another regional war did begin; to drive the US miliary industrial complex and the US economy out of its lacklustre growth. That's what happened in the aftermath of the Iraq, Vietnam and Korean invasions. Let's hope the Iranian plateau is not the region.

The Good will need to win over The Bad in order to establish its order, and just like the film The Ugly will have to take care of itself through great humility.


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"You dig"!

by anglophile on

  (5:58)   "You see there is two kinds of people in this world my friend: those with a loaded gun and those who dig. You dig"     This is my most favourite Clint Eastwood quote. He sums up the sociological classification of the whole world like no other. It is simple and it is meaningful. The IRI is and has been digging for some time. They will never has a loaded gun!   Now Ali, tell me, how is you mum? Did she recover? I hope she is on the path to regain her health


A: what do you mean? Ali

by alimostofi on

A: what do you mean?

Ali Mostofi




Unlike others, they will deal with anyone.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You don't know much about the others it appears.