Iran wins its first Gold in London 2012

by alimostofi

Watch "Iran wins Gold in London 2012" on YouTube

I was truly overwhelmed to see our first Gold medal in London 2012.

I jumped with joy. I could barely hold the camera steady. 70 million Iranians were happy.

Here is the page about Hamid Mohammad Soryan Reihanpour


I am sure we will win more. It is amazing that in all the horrible conditions the mullahs have put the people under, some people will be globally number one.


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iraj khan

A great match

by iraj khan on

an amazing Iranian athlete, every one in the stadium was clapping for him.

The video presentation and commentary is informative and interesting to watch.

Good news to cheer up one's Sunday afternoon, thanks for posting it here.  



Thank you!

by Demo on

For the news & for posting the video. The tears of joy on our birth-land lovers' faces watching his victory are worth more than all the gold in the world. May GOD bless all the true Iranians. Thanks again.