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by alimostofi

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Speaking of hypocrisies, who are the real hypocrites?

Before we criticize anyone, we must state our moral predicament. I must justify to you the basic principles I am using. My premise is the following. I believe that anyone who talks of another person, must be accepting them for what they are. So if I refer to Mr Obama as the President of United States, I accept him as President of United States of America. That is very simple isn't it.

If I go and state openly that a person is the President of Iran, then I must accept whatever that person and his system stand for. I have never, and all the Iranians who put Iran first, refer to those monsters in Iran, as President of anything at all to do with Iran.

Why is it that an Iranian Professor in a major University in USA, refer to such monsters, who kill Iranians everyday, as Presidents of Iran. It is bad enough having foreigners do it. There is no excuse for University Professors. They should openly say, "I approve of the regime in Iran", and then say whatever it is that they are trying to say. The media regularly abuses the name of Iran, and Persian Gulf. Regular readers know my feelings about people saying "Iran" when they mean Hezbollahis.

This abuse, has been the problem ever since 1979 when Khomeini came to Iran. Everyone in the media, accepted him as Iranian. The irony is, that he himself never accepted nation states, let alone Iran. He actually wanted to rename Iran as just Islamic Republic. He actually wanted to include Iraq as well, because that is where the Shiite ancient rulers are buried. That is why they are so keen on Syria too, as a lot of their ancient rulers are buried there too.

As usual I always slip in a bit of ancient history. In ancient Iranian philosophy, as written in the Zend Avesta, no where on planet Earth is regarded as "Holy". The reason is that it then becomes target of envy. That is how open minded our ancient thinkers were. They knew the traps that human beings can fall into. Their moral predicament was based on cosmological values. The dualism of Ohrmazd and Ahriman, or polarity, as it is manifested in all aspects of life. The twin laws of cause and effect. Not the ideal, but the real world choices a human being needs to make with every breath they take.

Now once you know that Iranian philosophy, you will have the predicament to see how awful some of these professors are. Suddenly your mind thinks, "It is rather sad to see educated Iranians, who could be leaders of a common cause for change, actually help those aliens remain in Iran." You ask these questions: "why doesn't a prominent professor, in a well known university in the free world, do more to help Iran? Why wouldn't he explain how awful the situation is in Iran? Wouldn't he try to educate the world properly, now that he is outside? Who's side are these professors on?"

In 1979, so many modern educated Iranian Islamic scholars unknowingly let Iran down. Not one of them had a clue about pre-Islamic Iranian philosophy. I can speak of my experience. I would ask them questions, and they would stop me asking, citing religious laws. They would blow a fuse. They looked like religious robots to me. Eventually, I decided to ignore them all. I went down in the basement of Firestone Library, and buried myself in Zoroastrian books. Most of them had never been opened. Most of them were written by biased monotheistic Zoroastrians, Christians or Moslems. Argh! Madness. I had hit another dead end. But the Soroush inside me said "hang on".

I changed direction, and thought out of box. I went into Zoroastrian Astrology of ancient Iran, and finished my soul searching. I concentrated on dualism, and its links to planetary movement, which my other blogs are on. I found a different moral predicament. I therefore had no qualms pointing fingers at these people who now looked like Iranian hypocrites. It is a journey that has helped me to see the philosophy of ancient Iran, and apply it to present day realities. I explain it to many, and many have realized the deeper more meaningful Iranian culture for what is a distinct entity. You are not in that religious predicament anymore. Your Soroush has set you free. You have found free will.

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The only Soroush I know is:

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// and oh there is one more: // well they are both of the same gene pool  :-))  btw, you just invented a new word: Sarcism! 



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A: Every one has a Soroush. And you in particular are inspired every day to make silly comments.

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Mr Mostofi I am beginning to believe in you sir

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The moment I read your words:

 " But the Soroush inside me said "hang on".,

I knew that you are the "one". You have been chosen by Ahurmazda to save our ancient nation of Persians and guide them to reach the eternal light of salvation. O, Ali please don't keep us waiting anymore and release us from the chain of slavary. Reveal your prophecy today and make us believe that there is somewhere out there is still a tomorrow waiting for us.

Please! you great Persian prophet in the name of YAZATAS do something!