Iranian nuclear scientists


by alimostofi

Here we go, read this load of rubbish:

The report details Tehran's success in circumventing U.N. sanctions and concludes that Iranian scientists already have the "know how" to build a nuclear weapon and that unless action is taken to prevent it, they will possess all necessary technology, equipment and fissile material to deploy nuclear weapons no later than the end of next year and "perhaps sooner."


Obviously the US forces don't like the peace dividend. Nor would their sparring partners, namely the Theocrats/Seyyeds like the peace dividend.

The money the US and Iran would save, and put into infrastructure projects outside the military industrial complex, would certainly spur an economical revival.

As it stands neither can afford a war. But it is all about the Chinese. The Chinese that are getting a deal, that even the Shahanshah Aryamehr did not provide to our allies in the West back then, and got criticised for it big time by the radical chic. Hey, where are the radical chic now? Still in Avenue George V sipping coffee eh? Why don't they talk of the Chinese making that stuff for Wal-Mart and the like, with their prisoners in those concentration camps, to then ship to US consumers.

This is the process, and many more like it dotted all over the world, that is driving the big companies products. I don't think Obama will attack this slavary going on. If he does then the Chinese will stop buying US Treasuries.

So the Chinese need to be brought front and centre in all this. They are the clear and present danger not Iran Mr North. Actually it is the Wal-Marts of this world who are behind all this, but the Obamas of this world will never tell you that. They are far too complacent when it comes to donations.

It's a vicious circle. How do you break it? The people of Iran have to be equipped with the means to let the world know about their scientists being held at gun point to make silly devices that suck far too much money and put us all in danger.

We have literally millions of Iranian blogs, the third most in the world, and not one of them is looked at by the world press reguarly to see the demise of our people.

It sickens me.

So the world will have to sink into an economic depression so much that all the machineries of war will be eliminated and we can all come to our senses. Maybe then we will see the truth and save the slaves of US corporations; that are bigger than most countries and are not answerable to anyone but the world markets.


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Ali Mostofi

by Socius (not verified) on

Look around Iran. Seriously. Pull out your map, and look around Iran. What do you see? Paki/Baluchi terrorists, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Kurds in Iraq/Turkey, the Arabs in Iraq and afar, the Israeli's not too far away, and the United States/Britain from far away. These are all elements which seek to destroy Iran. This is NOT paranoia. Within the last 50 years, all the parties mentioned have committed acts of WAR against Iran and its interests.

What good is clean water if you're not alive to drink it? The biggest threat to Iranian security are external forces which think they can act foolishly against an enemy that is not capable. If Iran had not expanded its military so much at the end of the war with Iraq, then it would have been "us" that George Bush attacked. Look at Pakistan...US drones keep bombing them, and they just sit back and take it. How on earth would you handle that if they could do it to Iran?

I love all the pacifists who completely ignore the need for a strong military in Iran to prevent a repeat of 1980-1988. 23 countries aided Iraq in that war. 23 f***ing countries. Logistics, training, weaponry, artillery, aircraft, loans, etc...hundreds of thousands of Iranians gave their lives to defend this land...including many in my own family. I've walked through Abadan after the Iraqi bombardment with foreign weaponry. I've seen destruction. I'll gladly drink more "dirty water" as you call it so that hundreds of thousands more of my countrymen don't have to die.

You are a coward. You'd choose to live on your knees than to die on your feet.


Nuclear Iran

by the greatest (not verified) on

Rumor has it that back in 1979, before Khomeini's return to Tehran, someone asked Margaret Thacher -British prime minister better known as founder of Islamic Republic of Iran!!!!!! - if she is worried about mullahs creating havoc in the Middle East by supporting and fomenting dissent amongst religious fanatics. Her response......A mullah can't even use toilet paper to wipe his own asshole much less be able to influence Middle Eastern politics and/or build a nuclear bomb!!!!! This is very true except when mullahs take the extraordinary step of utilizing Russian and North Korean technology in advancing their nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions.



by alimostofi on

What's the point of having all these high powered scientists and their expensive toys, when we don't have clean water or hospitals overground in Natanz.

Fact is, that the military both at the time of the Shah and these Seyyeds are wasting Iran's funds.

The firms in China are US and it is them like in the past who are responsible for the mess we are in. Obama will eventually address their malpractices, especially on the environmental front.

We Iranians have zero say in this Mahdi regime's hell bent agenda. The US and its companies in China are milking Iran as much as they can.

It is a sad day in the history of the Earth that we Iranians are helping fellow humans suffer in China, to produce non-eco friendly goods for wasteful US consumers.

We Iranians pionnered human rights and environmental laws thousands of years ago as written in the Zend-Avesta. Go to Sharifabad and see the rules they obey. To them Earth is what the Westerners call Gaia and to them heaven is on Earth. We have to treat and love it and not ruin it. If we do, it will get rid of us. But these concepts go against the profit motive of US corporations. People think it is myths and legends and immature. We will see who is right.

Ali Mostofi




And your point?!!

by Kurush (not verified) on

Please concentrate putting down one power at a time. Do not try to be a juggler in your prose. The power that I, for the moment , would like to castigate is the US. Why? Because it has two nations under its jackboots & yoke. The Afghans and the Iraqis will of course fight until they get rid of the occupiers. But as bad as China is, to its credit, it has not invaded two medium size countries with utmost brutality & bestiality. Moreover, Iran has, to the credit of its present rulers, diversified its trading partners. It learned the hard way during the Iran-Iraq war. China is a trading partner but by all means not the only one. Both Russia and China do not use trade as a blunt tool of coercion as America does. That is just a fact. Therefore, they are highly reliable. One does not hear that either Russia or China use the UN sanctions to coerce now this now that nation into submission. The US & its NATO allies do. Finally, to illustrate the fallacy of your presumption with regards to the money wasted in the Iran's Nuclear industries, the historical facts teach us some interesting lessons. Most of the scientists working at Los Alamos and the Russian nuclearwent on to very creative academic careers. On the US side, Richard Feineman, John Wheeler, Hans Bethe, and on the Russian side, Lev Landau, Peter Kapitsa, Andrei Sakharov, Iakov Zeldovich all won the Noble for their contributions to other fields of physics. Zeldovich & Wheeler made intersting discoveries in the field of gravitation which has ushered in a wholly new phase in Physics. The Iranisn physicists engaged in the Nuclear field will do likewise. Now THAT is whhat has worried the West: an Iran which has mastered the field of physics and is breaking new grounds in our knowledge of the physical reality. The money invested in the Iranian nuclear field is well spent. More power to them!