Iranian Opposition vs USA etc etc

by alimostofi

Yes, as the title reads, the Iranian Opposition forces are actually at odds with US etc etc.

What is nonesense is the notion that the Ayatollahs are the menace in Iran. A menace is a threat that has strong independant roots.

Strong the Ayatollahs aren't. They do not have a following in Iran. The Iranian civil servant goes to work with all that Islamic gear, but drops it when they return home.

Independant the Ayatollah are definitely not. They need an arch nemesis. Who is that? US etc etc. Ironically any rapproachment would destroy the Ayatollahs.

So a really mean US etc etc, keeps the Ayatollahs around even more. So the Iranian opposition suffers from US being the way it is.

Now look at what US etc etc is doing in Afghanistan. They have singled out Taliban as a distinct entity so that they can attack them. They would not be able to do that if they were attacking Afghans.

Now when it comes to Iran it is the other way round. The Ayatollahs are seen as Iranian, even though Iranians do not see Ayatollahs as Iranians. Ayatollahs don't accept Iranian nationalism or any of its pre-Islamic philosophies. Hey they even tried to stop Chaharshanbeh Souri. And they will get desperately jealous of Nowruz.

But US etc etc will treat the Ayatollahs as Iranian. And their media does a fine job of that, so that they can milk their tax payers for military expenditures. No Ayatollahs means no US military expenditure. They are buddies.

So that is why I say that the US and Ayatollahs are friends. And that is why the Iranian opposition is actually at odds with US etc etc.


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Excellent Blog

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Wisdom is Wonderful to experience, so good, true & beautifully put.  Thankyou.