Iranian Pervert


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Iranian Pervert

Iranian Cleric Beaten Up By 'Badly Veiled' Woman


You read articles, like the one in the above link, and you do not know who is to blame. The controversy has become perverted.

The issue at stake, and the discussions that have been generated over a thousand years, are certainly more perverted, than any pervertism that may be going on, on a personal level.

Tolerance has moved, from personal choice, to some absurd social law. The question is, is society is made of people, or are people part of society? Iranian tolerance has weakened because of perverted religious laws.

So you notice two people walking. One may seem ugly, the other not. The clothes of the one wearing ugly clothes gives this impression, "hey you pervert don't look at me", and so is insulting you.

A religious dress, that broadcasts to men how stupid they are, is an insult. She is the ugly one. The beautiful woman shows her beauty like a flower, and we Iranian men respect her. Iranian men are not perverts by default.

Why should a religious doctrine, be so perverted to state clearly, that all men are dangerous, and that women should be covered up. Fatima knew something, when she got Salman to write the Koran. Heck it works both ways.

You could ask men to dress in a way that tells women they are perverts. Our clothes could be made to hide provocative areas. But we men do not do that. We trust women. Who is more correct, a guy in tight jeans, or a woman in Chador?

But in this case, the story is abuse. In Iran Ayatollahs like to bully Iranians. It is a tool. They have used this very emotional issue, to undermine their religious system, which will ultimately become their Achilles Heel.

Islam provokes. And the women are kicking those mullah heels. Both are wrong. Nothing justifies verbal or physical violence. That religion is violent, and that kicking is violent.

When the Monguls came to Iran, one thing very important happened, that saved Iran. They wiped out Islam. People started to breathe. Literature, art, music started again. Just look at our miniatures from that period. Just read the works of Rumi and Hafez. The women in minuatures are not wearing veils. The Safavids put the clocks back again.

People love to express, and the more laws there are, the more ways we will have to express. What is really perverted is just that. If you did not restrict, you probably would not give any reason for people to think of ways to get around the restriction. Compare Holland to Khomeini's Iran; women show off their heels, and men look at them, and no one overreacts.

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AM, Great issue to discuss

by Azarbanoo on

& you analyzed it well.  Thanks for posting.


well written alimostofi

by mahmoudghaffari on

all truisms.


A++++ Well Done. You Are Exposing DARK LAWS

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Laws which are harmful by promoting discrimination & Injustice = Dark Laws.  Thank you for exposing your views and sharing them with others.  The reasoning makes sense to me and I am sure most Iranians would completely agree with what you are saying.