Iranians will suffer Holocaust before Israel

by alimostofi

Holocaust fears haunt Israelis as they prepare for possible war with Iran - Telegraph:


This is a classic Daily Telegraph article, with eye catching emphatic words, to sell newspapers, and ad space. There should be laws against such misreporting.

The fact of the matter is, that the Ayatollahs have been killing Iranians en-masse every day. We have a deadly humanitarian problem in Iran, and that is not being reported.

The fact of the matter is, that the people of Iran, are fighting the Ayatollahs, and will never allow them to fire missiles at anyone. Newspapers like The Daily Telegraph will paint a different story.

The fact of the matter is, the people of UK, who read the Telegraph, will later be part of an opinion poll, that will then be presented to the heads of governments, and will then tempt them to make war.

There won't be a war. That would be too easy. If there was war, the whole hoo haa would end no sooner than it began. Peace would finally come.

There won't be a war. The whole reason for this hoo haa, is the impending US and Israeli elections. Once they are out of the way, all of this warmongering will die out, and suddenly the Ayatollahs will look like the nice guys again.

But the holocaust in Iran will continue.



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There won't be a war ?

by anglophile on

Is this another "little voice" episode Mr Mostofi?



by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If the Journalism of a society is a reflection of the democracy of a country and i would say it is because journalism is the information/currency or as you point out misinformation of the british people, then it should be noted that while the brits say they love democracy, today it should be clear for Iranians of all political views that this article by the brits in their mass media reveals they are actively the biggest enemies of democracy for iranians and they are using all elements of their power even democratic elements of media as a defense mechanism to suppress others from attaining their freedom, justice and democracy.  They are therefore like others supporting and ensuring savagery for Iranians and others.  This is what I have been trying to tell our "precious minds" on IC who have been using their peanut between their ears to support the wests wars against Libya and Syria, in order to bring to power far worse powers for their people  who are worse in terms of being anti-democratic Savages. Just like they are proping up in Iran with all elements of their power as we can see the media is front and center of it.  Again the priceless logic of your article, not only opens minds to all the truth it gives the next generation the awareness it needs to change its circumstance for the better when they have the opportunity to.  A+ Job!