Ja Khali

Ja Khali
by alimostofi

The Islamic regime is used by the US to cause problems in the area and allow the US forces to be in the area.  Once they leave Iraq then they will spread the news of Islamic regimes threat, to make themselves a natural policeman for the area.  That keeps their arms business funded.  So all those Americans who think that getting out of Iraq will be better are wrong.  Your problems are linked to your arms industry.  Deal with it.  Leave us out of it.

Of course we Iranians know that this regime is a alien to our culture, and ironically it deserves to be located as a state in Iraq. It is their problem not ours.  I suggest we make a deal with the Seyyed Ayatollahs.  Move to Iraq and stay there before it is too late.  We are Iranians first.  You are not Iranians first.


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