Kingdom of Ayatollahs and US Generals


by alimostofi

The TV screen, it seems, is the great decider for all movements.  The Ayatollahs are the masters of street shows.  In fact they get a lot of practice in the art of preaching and crowd management.  This is where they won against Iranians who fell for their traps.  Recently the Ayatollahs realised that most non-political, non-religious Iranians, were not participating.  They realised that their TV ratings where dropping as they ranted on and on. Many Iranians had decided not to vote.

To combat the deaf ear they got from Iranians, they decided to pretent to be split, and create their own opposition. From the beginning of their coup d'etat we heard of new divisions in the Ayatollah ranks, and the silent majority would get hopeful.  But then the US media would suddenly give the fake opposition a kiss of death, and bang they were dead.

Why did the fake oppositions die so quickly? As I said, it was all related to the nature of anti-Americanism, that the US uses to keep horrid regimes in power.  Ghaddafi was the first to do this first.  He always destroyed all the pro-US opposition, as soon as the US would show support for them.  So Obama did exactly that.  Bush actually said that he did not see the opposition getting any votes, and the people went mad, and they all got shot.  What a blood bath.  Oil went up.  Bush was happy.

How does Obama keep the Ayatollahs in power? Easy, he shows blind support for the fake opposition, and the rulers label the fake opposition as pro-US.  Next thing you hear are calls for their death by the likes of Ayatollah Jannati. So you can say that the Ayatollahs and US are in collusion.

OK, so what is it that binds these enemies?  Their military.  Throughout history, Emperors were more afraid of their own Generals, than their enemy.  So both Emperors would create a ficitious war to keep their Generals away from the centre of power. US and the Ayatollahs have been doing this since 1979.

Let say the Shah did what they thought he was going to do, namely take over the Middle East with his power, then the US would have kept him power.  They wanted him and Saddam to have a war.  He refused.  In fact he told the US that Iran had bought enough weapons to defend itself against the Communists, and told the US to leave.  He was removed.

The Communists in Iran did a great job to make the Shah fear them and buy weapons from US arms companies.  The US arms companies loved the Communists in Iran.  If it weren't for them, the US military industry would not be booming.

So folks think clearly about the people who benefit from the Ayatollahs, and you will realise that the players are like a pair of boxers that have fixed the fight and are just there to please the audience.  Street theatre is just part of the drama to keep the US military industry well funded, and oil prices up.

9/11 took place to get the US military industry up and running.  The military industry is the back bone of US economy.  The US economy need a kick start, and 9/11 started the funding for all that.  So expect another major war in North Africa to kick start a new leg of economic upturn.  And the horrid terrorists will do their best to act as well as they can to scare the pants of the US tax payer who will fund their military.

The IRGC is sucking all the funds from the oil fund to keep itself well funded.  Oh yes they love warmongering types like George W Bush.  The day GWB put Iran part of the axis of evil was the a true blessing for the Ayatollahs' weapons program.  All the kids who love weapons were getting so nationalistic saying that Iran is going to be strong, when it was the Ayatollahs that were getting strong.  The poor got poorer.

The amount of money that military sucks out of the system of any country is immense and the national statistics office hides most of the real statistics.  The military is the easiest way to enrol all the people who are deemed to be misfits.  They send them to the front and they die.  It is a vicious circle for all the people in charge, be they in the Ayatollah camp or the US camp.

My solution to all of this, is that the Ayatollahs should be clearly shown what they are doing, in their own name.  If you are a journalist, and love the Ayatollahs then do what you are doing, and mix their name with Iran.  But if you are ambivalent or are pro Iran, refer to the activities of the Ayatollahs as their activities.  Talk about the activities of Iranians and keep them separate from the Ayatollahs. Once they know that they have been isolated by the correct words, then they have lost control.

Remember the Ayatollahs' representative is in UN.  He is not Iran's representative.  Imagine a country called Kingdom of Ayatollahs had invaded Iran.  It would their representative in UN. It would be the street demonstrations of the Kingdom of Ayatollahs.  No Iranian is involved in those street shows. Report it correctly and free Iran. Thank you.



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