Media Insults

by alimostofi

"He is still the elected president of my country," Amir says. "Insulting him in front of the world is insulting all Iranians."

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What is more insulting? Reading an incorrect statement from an American media, or what Bollinger said? Let's look at the statement. AhMADinejad was not "elected" by the Iranian nation. In fact as the Iranians said, "delam khonak shod", or as we say in England, "I was right chuffed", to see AhMADinejad get cut up by Bollinger. And yes, he is a dictator, as the turnout was low, and the choice was awful.

But what is really insulting, is to see an Iranian reporter, report such a load of rubbish in AP and Newsweek. Our problem is not so much with the Seyyeds, but the incorrect reporting that is going on. And to the uneducated, they might think that the article was right, when it is outrageously wrong.


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islamic virus

by mehdi (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad is the president of islamic republic not iran and he got what he deserved from Bollinger.
until we get rid of the islamic virus our country is going to remain backward.

Soheil Samouhi

since when

by Soheil Samouhi on

since when people like Ahmadinejad represent Iran and Iranians?

He has made a full of himself many times, and other news agencies have reported too.



Islam is the main problem

by Conscious (not verified) on

The problem number one is Islam, not any other malaise. Iran can come up to solve other problems.
Islam is however a deep established problem which must be finally thrown in the dustbin of history.


problem is selective editorial

by no_name (not verified) on

The editorial work at AP, CNN and and most Israeli controlled media or wire systems is that they pick what they want to put to get their agenda across.

CNN home page had a link to CIA/US military lable as a terrorist organization. Which is really done in retaliation. However that bit is briefly mentioned at the end of the story and not at the begining.

We just need to be more vocal and organized around false press. Look at what the Israeli lobby uses to get their people: //

This is what we should have as well