Is Mesbah Yazdi Nostradamus's Mabus the Anti Christ?

by alimostofi

For a while they thought it was Saddam, and recently they think it is Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi.

Mesbah is the ultimate hardline extremist calling for a strict literal following of the Koran including “Make War on the Christians, Jews and infidels for great eternal rewards including 72 virgins and endless wine with no side effects.” (Koran Sura 9:5, 29-30, Sura 56.) What a 71 year old man is going to do with 72 virgins is anybody’s guess but with ownership of the Persian Gulf and two thirds of the word’s oil supply he can certainly afford unlimited 100 megaton nuclear bombs and Viagra. Former reform President Khatami once called Mesbah Mabus “the theoretician of violence.” Mesbah Mabus said “If anyone insults the sanctity of Islam, Islam has permitted for his blood to be spilled no court needed either.” He supports slavery, aggression and suicide bombing under Islam.

So we have to think, are we Iranian going to be responsible for WWIII?



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Gabriel Ferdino, Islam was

by alimostofi on

Gabriel Ferdino, Islam was created by Salman Parsi to get rid of Christianity.  Proselytising is the issue, and Salman wanted to create a rival product.  It was all done at the time of the Solar Eclipse over Arabia.  Only a Persian Priest with knowledge of Astrology could have done this.  And he did it. 


Ali Mostofi




Equality, diversity, respect, tolerance, bortherhood, Islam, and

by Gabriel (not verified) on

Islam and indeed all religion are about to teach us to love one another , and care about one another

The religion has been exploted by politician and those in power as everything else

Islam is the religion of love
We should/must separate religion from those who exploit it

What goes in Iran is politics, and this has been associated with corruption, ... down the history as it is in western countries, for example the widespread racism which the estabilishments,and thepoliticians much rather to keep quiet about[you know what I am talking about, do not you]

Gabriel Ferdino


This is just a prediction from Nostradamus

by alimostofi on

Folks thanks for your responses. But as an Astrologer, all I did was to point out what Nostradamus predicted. His description of Mabus has been put on countless people, with Saddam being the last one. Now they believe that Mabus is not dead, but alive in the form of Mesbah Yazdi.


One thing for sure, Iranians have learnt and recognized the Seyyeds well. It is just a matter of time, for a discussion along General Strike to begin in all media, and the Seyyed rulers will realise that they need to run to Najaf and stay there.


The last thing we want is for them to become heros. They need to go to Iraq and form their own government.



Ali Mostofi



You are naive!

by IranAbroad on

If you guys (the writer and commenters supporting him)  really do NOT see how the Westerners are anti-Muslim (and by Muslim I don't mean bearded guys praying in mosques, or moustached girls in hijabs, but ordinary people who have happened to be born Muslim) then YOU ARE NAIVE at best!


Quote possibly

by farrad02 on

Quite possible, he is!


Of course your title should have been different.

by EDS (not verified) on

Really, tell us what you truly think straightforwardly; it is ok. What you stated and truly wanted to communicate is not really about Nostradamus or Mesbah, but that Islam itself at its very foundation, i.e. the Quran, is evil.

This was the point of your blog. Mesbah and the point about Mabus was a side show, a cover, for what you really wished to get across.

Your very first responder, Speak Up, got the point precisely, when he wrote:

"Iranians must give a boot to Islam..."


To Dariush

by cyclicforward on

Not everything has to happen first before we take action. Mesbah is the man who has set his mind in controlling Iran and the first of it is getting his boy Mahmud to power. I will not be surprised that in a couple of years there will be a Coup and total take over of Iran by his thugs. You think things are bad right now, wait and see these characters in action. They are going to make Khomeini to look like an angle.

On the other note, I am very dissapointed by the insults toward you. You have legitimate ideas and concerns that you would like to voice andyou should not to be insulted. If we want to bring democracy to our land, then we should start with ourself first.


any intellectuals here?

by dariushabadi on

seems that no one bothered to respond by dissecting each part of my statements and give an intellectual response. Instead, as usual, only fosh (bad words) were given, because no one is intellectually capable of responding to realists.


I would like to know what justification anyone is using to claim that Mesbah has any power to control foreign policy (even through Ahmadinejad) when he has no support in any other major organ of government that actually makes any decisions.


The majority of the government is in control of pragmatists (and typical capitalists) like Rafsanjani, and not idealists like Mesbah.


I have not yet read Quran in Farsi

by dariushabadi_Remains idiot (not verified) on

I, Dariush Abadi, declare that I have not yet read Quran in Farsi. Therefore, I remain idiot in supporting Arab Islamists who massacred our ancestors and having Iranians suffer on a daily basis and also about to bring misery of war to our country.

Am I not an idiot?

D. Abadi. D is for Dickollah


Wow, agent of Israel or CIA?

by dariushabadi on

Why don't you beat the drums of war louder so that the warmongers can hear you and nuclear bomb Iran and kill every living thing in it?

 Why would Ay. Mesbah Yazdi have anything to do with Iran being responsible for anything?


He is neither in power, nor will he be. The current Assembly of Experts that elects the new supreme leader is filled with majority of Rafsanjani's supporters, and then with Jannati supporters. Their is barely anyone on that council, or any other governing council that supports Ay. Mesbah Yazdi's political views.


Now, you also manupilated the fact that you attributed a saying to both Mesbah and the Koran where both were unfounded and false. Mesbah has never declared war on Jews and Christians and "infidels" (what a funny concept that you use Christian/Catholic words that have little to do with the Islamic concept of kufr. Someone who is not a Muslim is a jahel, and should be left alone. A Kaffir is one that FIGHTS muslims, not one that rejects Islam like the Christian concept).


So either way, Mesbah has nothing to do with Iran's foreign policy. So the only people responsible for WWIII would be the warmongers and their marketers such as yourself.



Truly, Islamists in Iran see us their slaves.

by Speak Up (not verified) on

Seyeds and Mullahs treat us as second citizens at best in our own Iran Zamin. Truly, they see us their slaves.

Iranians must give a boot to Islam and these mullahs before it is too late.