Mirage in Sahara


by alimostofi

Protests turn violent outside U.S. Embassies in Egypt, Yemen – CNN Security Clearance - CNN.com Blogs:


Heard that before.

Avid iranian.com readers of know, that I said last year, all these North African revolutions had a very familiar ring to it. Almost everyone said that this is Arab Spring. I in fact said that Tunisia Iran Nist.


Mirage in the Sahara?
Let me give you the roots for this thought. Many of us have said, that the Arabs are different to the Shia, and that they will never allow fanatics mix politics with religion - that The Moslem Brotherhood fighting machine will be held on a tight leash. We Iranians in the diaspora prayed that the Arabs did not get sucked into a violent turmoil like us. I said that the US will make sure there will be turmoil, and that this Arab Spring is a Mirage for further turmoil.

US benefits from turmoil in two ways
I said that the US needs to have two reasons to survive. Money and jobs. Some Arabs appeased the US and bought peace. The US has so far this year sold $50bn of weapons to those Arabs. This bought time for the Arabs states that did not want a revolution. The second reason is jobs for the military. The footmen are going to leave Afghanistan and are out of Iraq. New military jobs will be created once new monsters appear in North Africa.

Sacrificial Lamb
The logic I am using is this. The world media, and in particular the markets, are now numb to any nuclear news from IRGC and their cronies in Iran. Crying wolf does not work. If Israel did attack Iran, the whole gambit will be over. The oil price will briefly rise, but then crash to a tenth of its value forever. So for many years it was necessary to just keep the threat, but not too much. But now the markets have fully discounted the most dreadful scenario. We even have a Bypass Channel. So we need a new threat to keep US military jobs. Killing US Ambassadors is just what the US military needed to sacrifice. Now read what I wrote last year below.

US military can go elsewhere.
With the need for US military increasing, as they worry more about the Islamic movements elsewhere, they will not be too concerned about Khomeini's gang anymore providing the PR for them. New gangs are propping up elsewhere and they will scare the US public more than Khomeini's gang. New scaremongering agencies are ready to work for them.

New threats to glorify.
So once the US knows that it can still get funding because there are other areas, it won't mind if we Iranians get rid of Khomeini's gang. Where we Iranians need help is in the media. We need the US media to not convey the gang as Iranians, as they have since 1979. The media sells a lot of articles about Islamic threat, and now it can write about Tunisia and elsewhere, and not glorify Khomeini's gang. Iran will be left alone.

New markets to sell weapons and other things to. So the US military industry has loads of new customers who are going to get scared, as missiles will threaten Europe from North Africa. Christian African states will get worked up as well. As these countries spend money on this new hardware, less money goes to the people's welfare, and non-military domestic infrastructure projects. Suddenly the people will get more depressed and start to take more drugs. Narcotics will increase like it has in Iran, and the drug dealers make money, just like they have in Iran since 1979. Women will be exported. Children will be sold. Just like in Iran now. But once they have other markets, they will leave Iran.

A blessing in disguise

So yes, as I have always said to friends and family, there are two ways to get rid of an unwanted fly in the house. Either you zap it, or you shut down the lights and turn on the lights next door. The fly will then go next door. The same will happen to Iran. We will watch them leave to Arab lands they love more than Iran.


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