Naive Iranians

by alimostofi

Please read this rubbish:


"In both Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is interested in deepening the new political processes that have brought Iran-friendly regimes to power. In Iraq, Iran has vested its interests in the institutionalization of the post-Saddam political order, which is why Tehran has welcomed the latest political compact among Iraq's ruling factions (as has the United States). In addition to a generous $1 billion credit, Tehran has been assisting Iraq's economic reconstruction by signing trade, energy, and border security agreements." [More: How to build US-Iran relations, By Abbas Maleki and Kaveh L. Afrasiabi]

It really does not take a lot intelligence to realise that the new regimes to the East and West of Iran were likely to have been more pro-US if it were not for that huge amount of money that leaves Iran for the Seyyed world revolution, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, or in the Levant.

And it quite obvious that the Sunnis have more money than Iran's oil fund. The Sunnis will take on the Seyyeds in Iraq. So in the long run the two powers will drain each other, just like it was in the war between Saddam and the Seyyeds. And the oil price will continue to accelerate, and the oil companies will be right pleased. The US has to leave by next Spring as most of its soldiers term will end then. If it does not do that it will need to call the draft, and that is very unlikely, unless the Seyyeds really step up their efforts in Iraq, which might well happen if the neocons have it their way.

Meanwhile the secular people of Iran live in dire economic conditions. The best that Iranian journalists can do is to report solutions that help Iranians to have a peaceful non violent regime change via General Strikes.


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Credit, HSBC et al

by alimostofi on

Ok WallStreet, but who is giving the Seyyeds the credit? Actually I know quite a bit about credit. You should know what I am going to tell you. If not, at least learn. At the end of the day HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank are financing this Seyyed Empire. If the US decides, as it has with Deutsche Bank, and other German Banks, to force them to choose between them and the Seyyeds, I will assure you that HSBC and all the other Chinese banks will shut up shop and not jeopordise their relationship with their US partners. The multinational corporations are the people we are dealing with, not nations.



It is all in the hands of the US corps really, and if this sort of conversation was taking place on a global media network on Prime Time, or if Bollinger had put such statements across to AhMADinejad, then these questions would have started the kind of thoughts and conversations, that would shut up the Seyyeds and their PR men, and expose the rotten US companies that deal with them.


Hopefully the Chinese are not going to act like they just did in the Security Council regarding Mayamar, and have some consciousness for the poor Iranians suffering under the Seyyeds, and join in with the world and approve the third list of sanctions. But they probably want something in return along with the Russians, and then they will side with the US.




Ali Mostofi



What a clown you are

by WallStreet (not verified) on

Don't give up the day job for a career in finance ok? The article you quote talks about a "credit" and you talk about the "money that leaves Iran". Do you know what credit means?


tell me about it

by mrclass on

reading one article by kaveh afrasiabi is too much!waste of time. Although kaveh has tongue buried deep in the ass of mullah's. so in that context he is doing fine!