National Pride of Iran


by alimostofi

"This has become an issue of national pride," he said during an hourlong interview at Iran's permanent mission in New York. Regardless of what Iran is offered in talks, he said, "the Iranian people will not accept suspension" of its enrichment program as the UN Security Council has demanded.Still, he said, Iran is seeking to resume negotiations over a wide range of topics, including some aspects of its nuclear program


This idiot is the Seyyeds' representative not Iranians' representative.  Iranians would listen to the UN resolution more than any Seyyed resolution.

In fact, it is the Iranian nation that is helping the IAEA, to uncover what the Seyyeds are doing illegally with Iran's oil fund. The amount of money that is wasted on Mahdi projects that serve the Seyyeds' own agenda is immense. Iranians know that gas energy projects are a better solution, and they do not raise undue suspicion.

So what is the "National Pride of Iran"? Is it to become a Seyyed nation; that acts on its own and becomes labelled more and more as a rogue nation by all other nations? No it is not.  The Seyyed regime is that way, not Iran.  The Seyyeds say that the US has forced the UN.  But the US or other nations cannot force the UN. The Chinese have been bribed by the Seyyeds to stop the UN from taking tougher measures.

So Iranians are being misrepresented and the world has actually now finally realised that. There is a slow non-violent process of change afoot.  The non-violent regime change will be the main national pride of Iran for years to come.  Non-violence is key, and that is one of the main national prides of Iran.  It is the most revered and ancient pride that stems from our holy book, the Zend-Avesta.

It has taken thirty years now, and the Seyyeds have been identified, and in Iran it is an "us and them" situation. Clearly the self-selection process, that has just put the new set of Seyyeds in control of the machinery of state, know that the masses did not vote for them. Iranians are even more proud of what it means to be an Iranians, ironically thanks to the Seyyeds' self-selection process.

The people want the UN to throw out the Seyyed representative. They want a government in exile.  These last two steps are not that easy. There is a problem that we Iranians have; that is that we think that the world should ignore the Seyyeds, and listen to the people of Iran. But we do not have anyone to represent the real Iranians.  Iranians are divided in a political sense. We might be one of the oldest nations in the world, but politically we are very young. However most of the Iranians have had a crash course in politics now for the past thirty years. In fact we might have too many opinions about politics and have forgotten our "National Pride".

Most Iranians that have the intelligence to take over the machinery of state have put commerce over and above national pride, and have contributed to the brain drain. Even if you remove the political differences, many are still suspicious of the business interests behind any potential future leader in Iran.

National pride actually is the one thing we need right now over and above politics, religion, and commerce.  We need to have a selection of Iranians that the UN will approve that will put nationalism above everything else. They will be the people to handle what is Iranian first and regain Iran's national pride, whilst the Seyyeds are still in Iran. Slowly the Iranians that put Iran's interests above everything else, will be trusted by the world more than the Seyyeds.  At some point they will take over the machinery of the state non-violently.  National pride will then be restored in Iran and a new Iran will be born.  Once that is done, then politicians can be selected and so on and so forth.


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