No Fear and Bedrood Seyyed

by alimostofi

The only reason some people got involved with this petty Seyyed selection process, was to get jobs and other services from the illegal and alien Seyyed rulers in Iran.

But I say that the people of Iran need to establish a network in which they employ only those who did not participate in this selection process in any form whatsoever.

This would be a quiet, non violent action that will definitely separate us from them. And it has just happened in a Good way just now. The people of Iran just ignored this process. When interviewed on TV, many simple said, "too busy shopping for Nowrooz". Good.

We are peaceful non violent Iranians in the Spirit of Nowrooz, and will not be coerced into playing anyone else's selection game. Go to Najaf Seyyed and stay there. Iran has its own 7000 year old Good culture. It does not need yours.

Go and leave us alone. You are not welcomed as long as you believe in capital punishment, and put Iran second to whatever it is that you believe in. You have seen it with your own eyes. And it will get worse for you without bloodshed.


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Only one tenth of the p

by alimostofi on

Only one tenth of the people participated in this selection process 


Ali Mostofi





by IRANdokht on

Not all those mullahs are seyyed. some like rafsanjani, khalkhali (the butcher) and so many others  now in power are not considered seyyed or descendants of arab invaders.

don't we have to include them in all of the criticism that we make of IRI?



The descendants!

by Kamangir on

Never in the history of Iran have the descendants of the Arabs that invaded and raped Iran, been so visible. They are there in several shapes and forms not only seyyeds. They have no afinity or any compatibility with Iran at all.