No Iranian Leader


by alimostofi

I have been remorsing for a while now, and in that quiet period I had the chance to reflect. For so long I was caught up in keeping up with the news. Mum's passing away forced me to detach myself from the real world. Wow. Now that I have returned to the real world I realize how little it has changed.

The news about Iran is either to serve US, Israeli or mullah militarization. How boring. Even more boring is how oil prices are manipulated with the news. It has become childish.

But what is seriously childish, is how intelligent successful Iranians do not talk to each other. Find me two Iranians who are millionaires or richer who would talk to another Iranian. It is total madness. No other group of people who are in dire need of change have done so little.

Do we need me to stick out my head and say "I will lead Iran"?  Do we need anyone in particular to say they will lead. Most Iranians say we do. No we don't.

I say we don't need a person. We need a committee of Iranians who will answer to the world organizations, instead of the Islamic regime. We need the UN and all governments to accept this committee as the authentic Iranian group answering for Iran.

It is not complicated to do this. We can use this site as the place for answering any question non Islamic regime Iranians are represented. No one will be threatened. The idea is very simple.

The concept is to openly share the Iranian views. We do not need to live with this misrepesentation of Iranians. We need Obama to refer to us when he speaks of Iran. We do not need Hillary Clinton talking about Iran, when she is referring to Islamic regime's representatives.

The US and UN are actually just as much to blame as the regime itself, as they will only deal with them. They will not refuse to deal with them. They need to tell them that you are not Iranians.

We do not need leadership. We need recognition. Just imagine how Khamanei will feel, when he sees the UN dealing the Iranians outside Iran as opposed to their alien regime.

It is not about creating an opposition. It is about creating a real true identity. Real Iranians representing Iran will not be a political force. It will be a cultural identity.

Normally these entities are formed when a real alien army invades a country. We have this in Iran, but UN and US do not see it that way. They want Iran to be run by Islamic regime.

Now watch and see how many Iranians read this and do nothing. Shame on us. Khejalat bekesh, if you have the power to do it, and are not doing anything about it. I certainly have not got the money or brains to do it. But I know that this idea will work.


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Esfand Aashena

Ali jaan my condolences.

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Everything is sacred


The king is into human

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The king is into human rights first.

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Yes Put Irans Culture First and You get All Iranians United

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It is our job to rally around the King whos role is to defend Irans Culture.

What do you mean by, Normally these entities are formed when a real alien army invades a country.