No water

by alimostofi

The authorities insist the drive against water pipes is on grounds of health alone, but it comes amid one of the toughest moral crackdowns in years, which has seen thousands of women warned for attire or behaviour deemed un-Islamic.

The clampdown has also targeted trendy coffeeshops, book-cafes and Internet cafes, which are among the few places where young men and women can hang out together in the Islamic republic, which frowns upon the mixing of the sexes.
This just another excuse for the Seyyeds, to poke around Iranian culture, which alien to them. But more importantly this their pathetic attempt to stop the chattering crowds. They can't influence the spread of The Good Truth which stems from the Iranian Spirit. Their alien thoughts no longer attract Iranians' attention.


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a good move

by healthy living (not verified) on

Smoking is unhealthy and backwards.


Herpes simplex virus is

by Dandandeh (not verified) on

Herpes simplex virus is transmitted by sharing those water pipes. go around the world and see how many have herpes simplex virus impact on their lips.
Removing water pipes is good idea for health reason.
You may not know the virus, it causes tabkhal (cold sore) and the other type is below your belt.
Do you have anyone in your family with recurring tabkhal? watch out. You may get it from them next time you share glasses.
This disease is spreading fast and even in the west 30% may be infected already.


Islamists like dariushabadi

by Fred (not verified) on

Islamists like dariushabadi calling anyone "reactionary" is simly rich.


Exile . . . that's laugh!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Our lives are much better than it could have ever been if we lived with the Mullahs. We are laughing all the way to the bank, while you have to work six jobs to just pay your rent. Oh, life is so good! I have to take my dog to the mosque now- he has a special relationship with the lawn surrounding the mosque, oh, he even faces Mecca! Che pesaree...che cheezzee . . .


Ali Reactionary

by dariushabadi on

Ali Reactionary Mostoofi,


You proved once again that you are reactionary. If the IRI had promoted ghelyoon (water pipe), you would have said "look, the seyeds are trying to kill our people with tobacco". They try to ban tobacco in public places (like in most Western countries) and try to save lives by preventing this drug, and you say the Seyeds are trying to impose their foreign culture on the Iranian spirit.


Since when is banning tobacco in the 21st century a bad thing? But according to your reactionary views, anything IRI does must be bad, and you use ANY justification to make your stupid point.


This is why you are in exile, and no one within Iran looks at the oppostion as a credible oppostion. You are all more laughable than Ahmad Chalabi.



by Pnumonia G. Bronchitos (not verified) on

I can understand that the government does not like public gatherings, but banning Ghalian is not such a bad idea. Can't they discuss their political chit chat over a cup of tea? Why do Asians have to do everything the worst way filled with smoke, opium and syphillis?

So, the bottom line in my opinion is that if the government bans smoking, that is good. This by no means should come forward as if fucking Khomeini was not installed by the British, that can never be denied that he was installed by the British.

You see what I mean? Thanks