Not even a Rain Check

by alimostofi

"If Iran was a free and democratic society that allowed its people freedom of expression, and wasn't pursuing nuclear weapons, and wasn't advocating to destroy the country of Israel, the president might consider that invitation."

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Iranians are supposed to be good at chess. So what happened here. What benefit is there for inviting GWB? All I can think of, is that no real Iranian was behind such a stupid gesture.

So well done to the US for not stooping so low to the Seyyeds. The Seyyeds are so desperate, they are inviting any world celebrity. Well they have got to get their act together, as the spokesman said, before anyone of any stature turn up to see a Seyyed.

Remember how the 2500 year celebrations invited the whole world, and the whole world did turn up, including the Seyyeds. That's the Iran that we want. An Iran whose roots stem from Human Rights.


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domesticly and internationally

by dariushabadi on

Bush is laughed at and boo'ed both domestically and internationally (and internationally i meant EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD). Yet Ahamdinejad was boo'ed at Amir Kabir, and Columbia, but anywhere else he's gone in the world their has been great fanfare aroudn his visit.


Even at the UN, he had the most world representatives at his table, trying to just shake his hands, than any other world leader in history. And you sit there and compare the two?


How many leaders got up and shook Ahmadinejad's hands, and hwo many do you think would get up and shake Bush's hand at the UN if he spoke? (he can't even speak)



by not verified (not verified) on

Have you forgotten how Ahmadi Nejad got jeered at Amir Kabir not too long ago? And just a day ago, he had to cancel his lecture at at Tehran University due to student protest? If they let people be free, he won't survive a moment... he sucks


global oppressors

by dariushabadi on

 we don't need global oppressors showing up to our country. the invitation was only to show that Iran treats its guests with respect, not the way the arrogant US treats its guests.


the majority of the world is looking toward iran now, while a few "rich" yet arrogant and globally oppressive nations are trying to destroy Iran's new found influence in the world.


that is why Bush is boo'ed everywhere he goes in the world, but Ahmadinejad is only boo'ed only in the US (even though he also got a lot of clapping from US students for his Palestinian stances).


Just look at the US president. Anywhere he goes protests follow him. But Ahmadinejad only has protests against him in western countries, and mostly by other exiled Iranians (MKO mostly, do you guys support MKO? haha)