by alimostofi

Ah hell, another week gone, or maybe another two months, and bugger all has happened; that is massively different, or gives Iranians any hope for change.

It's just the usual dreadfully boring UN sanctions for nuclear whateva, or some other fiasco the Seyyeds are cooking up.

The people of Iran, be they in Iran, or outside; be they Iranian or not, but want better Iran, are fed up, and feel totally helpless - as usual.

Nothing seems to want to change. This is the pariah state of affairs, the powers that be want Iran to be in. The worst situation for Iran is the way it is now. It has spend most of its 30 years being like this.

And there is nothing that can be done, to get out of this very stale stalemate it seems. No one can win, and no one can lose. It is a no man's land. Every action we can take now seems wrong.

We have all argued to the teeth from all angles of the political, religious, military, business, trade, whateva; and nothing seems to be able to cut through this malaise. Nothing.

It is not pessimism, it is not optimism. It is just NOT. Or should I say a knot. A knot that one day will be unknotted so easily, that we wonder how it was that it had managed to tie that rope around our neck for so long. Why did it take no time to unknot it sooner?


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by AK69 on

- Obama has already stated numerous times before and after the election that he and his administration do not seek regime chenge in the "islamic republic" of Iran.

He is the first president in 30 years to refer to Iran as the "islamic republic".


Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan


Masouda You forget, that for

by alimostofi on


You forget, that for thirty years I have managed to pursuade millions of Iranians to believe in non-violence and no capital punishment. I have been called a fool by all. The Seyyeds did a bad green copy, but my white pigeons will surely fly on the Spirit of Ahuramazda. Ya Ahura we will win peacefully. We will not spill blood in the name of Ahuramazda.

Say Iran first at night. Iran hamisheh aval.

Ali Mostofi




Here is the formula

by masoudA on

First get 10,000 of yourselves and form a unity.   Then the Alexander shall emerge from the 10,000.      

The sad fact is that we appear to DO need a leader. 

BTW - Ali I think the right kind of sanctions shall kill IRI.   But is Obama going to side with us or the IRI? 


Dorood Darius Alexander I

by alimostofi on

Dorood Darius,

Alexander I believe, as was written in Eskandarnameh, was half-Iranian, and that is why his adventures in Iran were not miracles.  People let him come in.  

The secret to Iran's fortunate timeline rests in the people who are Iranian first to condemn violence and capital punishment.

Our Ancient ancestors are on a parallel timeline and we will cojoin them if we accept this premise.

Ali Mostofi



Darius Kadivar

How to unknot ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I'm afraid There is No other way but This ...

Alexander and the gordian knot :


But who will be Iran's Alexander ? Moussavi ? Karroubi ? Rezaie ? Khatami ?

I think Knot ! Er ... I meant NOT !

Welcome to the Dark Ages :