Obama to meet Ahmadinejad. Both insult Jews.


by alimostofi

Ahmadinejad to Address U.N. on Yom Kippur - Global Agenda - News - Israel National News


Read this Wiki article as well:


Read the bit about how many Iranians live in the US. Notice how wealthy and successful they are.

Now think of this. On 27th of this month the UN will invite a criminal and his bandits to US. The article above states that President Obama will meet this man.

To make matters worse, it is all happening on a Jewish holiday.

Think of this. The only way Obama can show his so called "Liberal" philosophy, is to do something a Republican would not dream of in his worst nightmare.

Politicians like to grab headlines, and they like to leave a legacy. Idealists like Jimmy Carter, and now Obama totally insulted Iranians in every possible manner. If you are an Iranian you would know what I am talking about.

If you are not an Iranian, then you need to understand, that you do not respect a creed that has no respect for people's culture. The regime in Iran does not put Iranian culture first. It puts its own religion first. It is murdering Iranians, and loves it. So why does Obama want to meet this man?

But this is not the main concern for me. My concern is that we have all these Iranians in the US, and not one of them bothers to write or act properly. Every year we get a bunch of people parading outside UN building, and that will the end of it.

There is no political campaign in the Iranian community in the US. It is not as if the Jewish Iranians, who are the wealthiest Iranians, do not have any money, or the ability to organize. They are the greatest people. But they will do nothing. These people all made a lot of money in Iran, and sold everything and now live in the best places in US.

Let me copy paste what I always say, "the US military needs to keep its people employed, and so does the mullah army. Both play this game to use taxpayers money to build military power". Sounds boring? But it is true. So the US wants this madman in Iran.


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خدا شفا بده.....



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by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

more has been done by the usa than insult iranians.


Iranians don't care if Ahmadinejad gives a talk on Yom Kippur

by MaryamJoon on

"President Obama will meet this man. To make matters worse, it is all happening on a Jewish holiday."

Surprised you didn't add that they will be eating bacon sandwiches after the talk, and exchanging a secret Muslim handshake.