Obama's certain victory

by alimostofi

last summer condemned Obama for declaring that, as president, he would
personally negotiate with Iranian leaders without preconditions. But in
October, she said that, if elected, she would direct her subordinates
to begin unconditional negotiations. The difference, Clinton argued, is
that she would withhold the prestige of a presidential-level meeting
until progress warranted it.

Brownstein: The great Iran divide - National Journal - MSNBC.com

doesn't Mr Obama go right now to Qom, and see Mesbah Yazdi face to
face, and then Khamenei, and then AhMADinejad, with the certainty that
he will come back as a hero, and be elected with a huge majority?

crying out loud, how many times have we had the US elections, and the
Seyyed elections, use each other to get the people scared, and come out
to vote for the war lobby, and the peak oil advocates? Can the people
of United States and Iran see through this? Yes of course they can.
But can the press and its commentators realise this.

Fact is,
that if the people of Iran, were given the dignity and respect, and
were told that they can get rid of the Seyyeds with just talking about
a national strike, instead of a US strike, then maybe things will
change in Iran more peacefully. But nobody wants that boring solution
do they.


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I believe Obama

by MRX (not verified) on

likes to go to karbala and visit Imam hussein's grave. since his first name is the same, he is very curious.!