One Person for Iranians for Change

by alimostofi

Why can't we Iranians abroad or in opposition, designate an Iranian spokesperson for all of us, until the Seyyeds/Theocrats are gone?


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From these answers, we

by alimostofi on

From these answers, we seriously need a spokesperson.



Ali Mostofi



Multiple Personality Disorder

We can’t reach consensus!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I nominee Ali Mostofi as the designated Iranian Spokesman for all of us.

I second that.

I don't like the idea.

I don’t know, I have to think about it.

This idea makes me sick to my stomach.

Where do I sign?

Who is he anyway?

I disagree.

What the hell do we need a spokesperson for?



What you suggest doesn't make sense

by javaneh29 on

Sorry I am a little confused ....In your title you write about the diversity in Iran and the openess of Islam and the willingness to accept differences, and you make a distinction between the Iran portrayed by world media and the real Iran... ok I conceed the last point, The media concentrates more on the negative aspects than the positive, but thats news whether its Iran ot anywhere else, And when someone does make the effort to show the REAL Iran, such as Lori did with her pictorial of her visit to Iran on, ppl are critical. Some encouragememt might go a long way.

How can Iran and Iranians have one spokes person ( lets be honest here, it would be a man) to represent so much diversity as you claim is allowed to exist in Iran?  Islam may welcome difference and I don't know, but Iran ? Come on .... !



Because ...

by Anonymous commentator (not verified) on

Khomeini taught us that if we choose a single spokesperson (to be PC) he or she may follow his or her secret agenda and by the time we know what has gone wrong, it would be too late!