Payback time

by alimostofi

Personal stories are common of how the financial sanctions are affecting those mostly well-off people who have foreign bank accounts or earn income from abroad.
Sanctions is probably the most widely debated topic around. But it is quite clear that two sets of people will get hit by it. The first are the Seyyeds themselves, and the second group are the wealthy secular Iranians, who have managed to survive with the Seyyeds. The rest are the silent majority poor down-trodden Iranians, who won't feel the difference. The Seyyeds and their wealthy crowd have been feeding off them for ages, and it is payback time. Anyone who did not want to deal with the Seyyeds, or did not have connections in the appropriate places struggled. Their stories are too horrific to mention, and it is all based on the fact that they had different political and religious views to the Seyyeds. But if you were poor and passed all the relgious hurdles then yes you could get into the Seyyed merchant class. But if your Spirit had given you Iranian ideas, then you really struggled to implement them in Iran. And of course if you had global ideas, you had to get out, and let the folks in US to benefit from it, as Iran was not the "land of opportunity". So the US has benefited quite a lot from this. Do you think the US wants all the Iranian brains and money to go back to Iran? No. So they love the Seyyeds. They can get rid of the Seyyeds in no time if they wanted to. But Iranians like Parisa who write about Iran should talk more about the how the power of General Strike can bring the Seyyeds down.


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More and more Iranians are going back to Iran

by Homecoming of The Minds (not verified) on

Currently there are lots of Iranians that are choosing to move back to Iran from the United States, England, and Europe. Why you may ask? Because, in America especially civil liberties are being destroyed with fear tactics and Iranians are becoming more and more the people to hate due to Zionist propoganda. I myself, who grew up in America for over 30 years want to move back to Iran. I am highly educated and have been living/working in America forever. But, I don't feel like this is my country anymore. Everything to do with Iranians is being attacked from culture to religion. Why should a real Iranian who lives and breaths Iranian traditional values want to live in today's America? The only thing that comes to mind is either they are helping Iran and teaching about Iran or they are part of the Zionist Anti-Iranian movement knowingly or unknowingly. I hope that Iranians wake up to this before it's too late and Persepolis is taken out by a bunker buster and some Abrahms tanks and a couple Israeli Jets. Bottom line: IRANIANS ARE MOVING BACK TO IRAN TO BE SAFE also, they want to either fight or die along their kin.


Don't forget the Zionists!

by Don't forget the Zionist opportunists! (not verified) on

The Zionists ( in Iran have made money along side the secular and religious Iranians. Like always, the Zionist opportunists have their Israeli connections to make money, as well as their California connections. I pray that every Iranian Zionist get's payback as well.


Re: Ashkan

by jamshid on

I disagree with your regarding the brains not going back.


In the past, under the Pahlavis we had a dictatorial but progressive government, and the great majority of the brains would either go back, or if already in Iran, they stayed there.


Today we have a dictatorial and backwarded/reactionary (ertejaa'ee) governement. The great majority of the brains are not going back, and those already in Iran, want to get out, and usually succeed.


I think once the mullahs are gone, ertejaa'ee will be out and the next regime will either be democratic and progressive, or dictatorial but progressive.


Either case, I think most people will first wait until the new progressive (democratic or dictatorial) regime settles and begin rebuiding Iran. I can see the new regime's propoganda at work to attract the brains. At that point, I think not all, but a good chunk of Iranian brains will go back and participate in the rebuilding process.


With time, probably in a span of a decade or so, with Iran becoming a better place to live, another good chunk of those brains will gradually go back.


And there will be those that won't ever go back, except maybe for a visit. Overall, after a decade or so, I think it's safe to assume that more than 50% of the brains will go back. Even then, we are talking about a very large number of people.


With a new progressive and smart regime and the lessons we have learnt from the revolution, the oil revenue and the return of the brains, Iran could be rebuilt in less than two decades to the point that most of us would never want to live anywhere else but in Iran.



one issue though

by Ashkan (not verified) on

you wrote:
> Do you think the US wants all the Iranian brains and
> money to go back to Iran?

well, if they are really "brains" then they will never
ever wanna go back, no matter what.
plus, I believe you are exaggerating on iranian expats' roles and achievements in the free countries, I am not saying there are no such things, they are and they have done great, but whether what they have done counts that much to be politicians' concern, that I am not sure.


Thanks MasoudA, where are

by alimostofi on

Thanks MasoudA, where are you man? 


Ali Mostofi





by masoudA on

Good post - very true