Peace. What peace? War makes money.

by alimostofi

Stay with me on this ride. Promise? The thought runs like this. Elbaradei just said that Egypt would review its relationship with the Ayatollahs in the new regime in Egypt. Why would he say something as stupid as that? Take a step back and review my concept of the need for the US military industry to keep on business. A peaceful world is the last thing those people making Cruise missiles in some town in Pennsylvania want. They want to keep their jobs. Screw the rest of the world. Right? Wrong. But they have power, a lot of power. Things had calmed down in Egypt and people had returned back to their desks after a mad escape. It was amazing, the Egyptians managed to get rid of Mubarak and no one wanted an Ayatollah Islamic Democratic system. That meant that the fake opposition could use that notion to rally everyone. Now what? All of a sudden Elbaradei says he wants to go to bed with Jannati. This is great news for the real Iranian opposition that has nothing to do with Seyyeds and their regime, that should be based in Najafistan. But it is bad news for Egyptians as they just lost a leader. Elbaradei cannot hope to get any support from anyone on Egypt if he says he likes the regime. So there will be more troubles there and that would mean that the US will be concerned about strong anti-Israel and pro-Ayatollah strife in Cairo. As Egyptians destroy themselves so the need for added security goes up and those Cruise missiles will be made as they fly them over new no fly zones all across North Africa.


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Oil, power, guns

by pedro on

Get cheep oil, Sell your guns.


Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisions

Maryam Hojjat

You are Right on this

by Maryam Hojjat on

As too.  Elbradei is nothing more than a islamist stooge.