A Persian King Living in Denial


by alimostofi

‫گفتگوی رضا پهلوی در برنامه افق صدای آمریکا‬‎ - YouTube:


Why do we need a Royal Institution?
The Royal Institution, protects the culture of that country. The Royal Institution has no political, commercial, or religious mandate. A King is the leader of the Royal Institution in any country.

Heritage Personified
What the people of Iran and its culture have in the Royal Institution, is the personification of the cultural heritage of Iran in the form of a King. Yes, he is born into it. He is loved by all from birth. He represents the constant total love of Iranians, for the ancient culture of Iran. He is what we all feel, when we read about our 20,000 year old history.

Our King has a problem. This problem is related to how he sees himself in the eyes of others. He thinks that the people of Iran, will judge him from a political point of view. He thinks that the political forces of Iran hate him, if he acts like a King. That point of view is no different than his father's. They both think that they are answerable to the people of Iran. They are not. They are only answerable to the Royal Institution.

The Royal Institution of Iran needs a Caretaker. It needs someone who can explain the mandate of the Royal Institution clearly to the people of the country. Just like politicians defend democratic institutions, Priests defend their religious institutions, and the Chancellor defends the Treasury, so the King defends the Royal Institution. Our King is not doing this. He has not grasped the role of the Royal Institution.

Why has this concept not been grasped by our King? So the question to ask is, "why is our King living in denial?" The answer is, that it is not entirely his fault. He lives under the shadow of a miserable legacy. Everyone knows about the radical transformations that took place in Iran a hundred years ago. Everyone knows about the way all the various institutions of Iran were very muddled. The Kings were all these institutions rolled into one. They made too many decisions. They made too many mistakes.

Some other Entity
So our King thinks that all those mistakes, that other Caretakers of the Royal Institution of Iran made before him, will effect his reputation now. If you look at the video, he actually states that he does not want to carry out his Royal duty. He makes a very long convoluted argument, why he wants to be involved, but as some other entity. This entity is not a politician, or a King. But its aim is clear - the removal of the Islamic Regime. So his identity and purpose is directly tied to the destiny of the Islamic Regime. It is not tied to the Royal Institution.

What he needs to do.
The King of Iran should clearly state that he has no interest in any other institution than that which defends the culture of Iran. There is no such institution in Iran at the moment. Every Iranian will agree to the fact that the culture of Iran comes first. An Islamic fanatic does not believe in that. So there is a common undeniable flag all freedom lover for Iran hold high. Our King needs to be the first to hold that flag up. That is his job. So get on with it.



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 عاقبت هم عین


 عاقبت هم عین بچه‌ای که مشق ننوشته زیرِ ترسِ خط کشْ پراند: "[آقا اجازه]، شصت و دو میلون دلار". نهادِ سلطنت پیش کش قدمش ، اقلاً میخواست از کیسینجر حرف زدن یاد بگیره که حقوقِ آقا جان هدر نره.

Did you hear that RP....Even the most consummate politicians in the US make gaffes, have a bad day, don't do good interviews, seem unprepared...RP will improve as he get before the camera more and polishes his style.




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Islam was wiped out for 300 years

by alimostofi on

T: You are completely wrong. The Mongol Kings brought Iranian culture back, after wiping out Islam. A sufi called Al-Hilli reintroduced Islam. Shah Ismail had a Christian mother, and the sufis stole him and brain washed him to convert to Islam. Later the Safavids and the British Shirley Brothers brought Islam back to fight the Ottomans. Quite honestly your comments do not add to the discussion, but hopefully you will learn a few things.

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آقا اجازه؟


روحانیت هزار و چهار صد سال وقت داشتند تا حکومت کردن تمرین کنند. ولی وقتِ امتحان که رسید به ضربِ تکْ ماده قبول شدند. نتیجه‌ این جور درس خواندن ها را سی وسه سال است که مشاهده کرده ایم .
محمد رضا پهلوی، که سیاستمدارانِ وطن را قابل نمیدانست، شازده را فرستاد فرنگ سرِ کلاس خصوصیِ هنری کیسینجر. برای مشاهدهٔ محصولِ این یکی رجوع کنید، نه لزوما به جواب، بلکه به طرزِ جواب دادنِ رضا پهلوی در مورد میزان ارثیهٔ پدری اش در پاسخِ به مجریِ برنامهٔ پارازیت. بعد از سی و سه سال از ایشان انتظار می‌رود که جوابِ این سؤال را آماده کرده باشد. سؤالی که صدها بار مطرح شده، خارج از کتاب نبوده، وپرسش کننده هم کامبیز حسینی بوده نه مایک والاس. در عوض ایشان افتاد به تته پته و مِن مِن کردن، دست به جیب دنبال موبایل گشتن و ملت را حواله وکیلشان دادن. عاقبت هم عین بچه‌ای که مشق ننوشته زیرِ ترسِ خط کشْ پراند: "[آقا اجازه]، شصت و دو میلون دلار". نهادِ سلطنت پیش کش قدمش ، اقلاً میخواست از کیسینجر حرف زدن یاد بگیره که حقوقِ آقا جان هدر نره.


I agree/like with your comment VM, for both its scientific,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

philosophical and historical accuracy.  //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index

Though so much is not discussed anywhere in the world today, because everyone is just thinking about their own.  Mean people who descriminate, with no basis in understading/reason/emotional depth don't seem to be getting less, humanity needs far more leaders who care to bring about equality not less, across the continents.


Podium for doing Good the Iranian Way

by alimostofi on

I know that His Imperial Majesty does want to lead. He has a natural flair for it. The problem is that he does not lead from the right podium at the moment.

I am not criticizing his ability. I am criticizing his application. He must not act as some "would be" politician. He cannot be some "global humanitarian" activist.

Iran is the only country in the world with a Royal Institution, that has the glorious heritage of being the original source for the Declaration of Human Rights. We do not need the moral blessing of the Church.

In many respects, he needs to create an Iranian Human Rights Commission routed on the principles of the Zend Avesta, that Cyrus the Great used. The Zend Avesta has the philosophy he needs. He needs to start with Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

I remember years ago I got really annoyed at all Iranians, starting with him, saying, stop using the word "Democracy" and use the original word "Gozinesh" as enshrined in the Zend Avesta.

I am still trying to educate Iranians to believe in the concept of Free Will which is mentioned for the first time in the Zend Avesta.

These are fundamental philosophical Iranian themes our King needs to learn and explain to the world, as his basis for rebuilding and promoting the Royal Institution of Iran.

We do not need French or German philosophers quoted to us, when folks like Hegel refer to Iran.

The answer, and the tools are right under our noses, and we are going to the other parts of the world, or using principles that were plagiarized from ancient Iran.

It is madness.

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Hope RP reads this article

by vildemose on

Hope RP reads this article and my comment.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Ali you are living in a far more advanced democracy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

than you are aware of, its all about the people, debate, and reaching agreement for the people, the police serve the people not companies, hence they don't even carry guns or act in a brutal fascist way you see in the USA, Germany or France.  If you ever have a real medical issue and can't work and later can't find work after you were sick you are fine, you not only don't pay for your health care, you don't pay taxes for your house during the entire period of not having work, you get paid money until you can get back to work etc etc, a system made by human being caring for each other based on being understanding.  You will never come close to this in a republic or the varieties of views and realistic choices.  You are living in a democratic Utopia, neither millions of devoutly religious muslim or catholics or christian evangelicals are allowed to intefere in politics, not even a super powerful bp has a single rep in gov defending it.  You can't even advertise or push your views too heavily on people with money.  Its not an accident that the UK got more medals in the Olympics per person (considering its only got 61 million people) than any country in the world, (500% more than the USA)  you probably have 5 private gyms around where you live and a publc health center for free.  At times of crisis, the head steps in and kicks ass, destroying those that threaten the peoples freedom & justice.  That the UK has not needed a king to stand for the peoples will for a long time is because they're a leading first world power for a century and have not been dominated from within for ages.


Its not as simple as you put it. Ali Mostofi

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

In an ideal world, with No corruption and Iranians democratically serving the will of their own people with No manipulation, No coercion and No deceit going on yes by all means, the king can focus entirely the way you put it.  To be as you say, Iranians do need to develop from the dishonest way they show up today and in the past.

The kings priority is to encourage teamwork, fair play, respect for one another and politeness. And in the instances when blatant foreign domination was going on, the king needs to hold those in his realm that are not perforing their duties accountable. Period. Seeing justice be done means not sitting by if those not fulfilling the national will of the people, even shutting up their voice of the people continues.  The King must defend Iranian Freedom, otherwise peace, progress and human rights would not be achievable during the period of a national crisis when the leadership of the people within the country is being dominated and directed against the peoples freedom. 

Iranians Need to be absolutely clear that they are Facing a National Crisis Today, and wish to empower the king to have specific responsibilities to defend Iranian freedom (for a fixed period of time), in order to counter foreign domination.  If after the Past 33 years this is not what Iranian leadership and consensus of people demand from the king, then clearly the people have not gained wisdom from the recent past and have been distracted from the lessons they need to know. 

I pity any country without the awareness to learn how to attract its own talented leaders who left the country.  I also pity a leadership that is not capable of producing first class, world recognized quality leaders in various fields, like Iranians used to be able to do with the late shah because they do not recognize the obstacles in their way and the solutions of how to overcome the obstacles.  You do not highlight in your post where Iranians are at in their path of development, nor do you mention exactly how Japan and other European Royal institutions helped their societies move towards democratic goverment, by serving the people in the way I mentioned above as necessary.  

I disagreed with your analysis and saw plenty of it as misrepresentation as well as putting words in the kings mouth, based on personal  misunderstanding, however I agree with the sentiment at the very end of your article while of course I disagree with how you put it, you say "So there is a common undeniable flag all freedom lover for Iran hold
high. Our King needs to be the first to hold that flag up. That is his
job. So get on with it." 

I would instead say, "So there is a common undeniable flag all freedom and justice lovers for Iran hold
high. Our King needs to be the first to hold that flag up.  And at a Time of National Crisis actively be involved in seeing Freedom and Justice being pursued.  And as an Iranian I appreciate his father and him for doing so, thankyou your majesty."

No wonder you're not supportive of the King and present yourself as an alternative, you hold large misunderstandings regarding the king imho.


I think monarchy protects

by vildemose on

I think monarchy protects democracy better than any republic ever could. The US might lose its democracy if the right wing Christians (the very powerful Dominionist) ever outnumber the democrats in the country. They can even amend the consitution of the US and bring back theocracy as most right wingers want (right winger Xians in the US don't believe in the separation of church and state).








It is not his fault

by omeedvar on

I agree with you that Iranians need a Royal Institution to protect their culture, and support their continuity, In England, British Royal Institution (BRI) was stablished a long time ago, with financial resources and large personnel to protect the interest of Bretain. Now people have accepted it, and know that its expenses are worthed for the peace and continuity of the country,

Reza Pahlave was only nineteen, when he was forced to leave his motherland. It was not his fault that his predecesors and Iranians did not stablish a royal institution. However, during the last three decades, he has demonstrated a graceful character, and the love for Iran and Iranian culture.

As with their sports, Iranians are usually weak in teamwork, and strong as individual ( Weight lifting, wresling). They do not like the rule of law, and everyone wants to be the winner, or the shah! There are also some people who have benefitted from IRI regime, and their job is to create division between Iranians, and bad mouth RP in IC or other media. However, the silent majority do not agree with them. 

I hope, after the past three decades of tyranny in Iran, Iranians are wiser, and united in supporting a democratic system in Iran, like Japan and many European countries, and the stablishment of an Iranian Royal Institution to preserve Iranian culture, and the continuity of Iran.