Persianization vs Americanization.


by alimostofi

Ok this is one of my meandering articles. I started reading this bit of news:

Here we have an Iranian Noble Prize winner telling the world that sanctions are bad for Iran, when the real sanctions are the Hezbollah Regime's (HR) own thirty year sanctions on Iran.


Some would agrue that morally speaking HR has been sanctioning Iranians ever since the year 700 AD. At that point our art was totally wiped out in the name of a greater good called Islam that Talabinized Iran.  Just like the way the Taliban destroyed the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan, Islam banned all forms of expression outside what was perscribed in the Koran.

Then I got knee deep into history as I do:

With much of the world's literature painstakingly collected in the famous Persian libraries of Sassanians, Salman Parsi, who was the High Priest's son, decided that his Koran was to be the only book that was needed. Every single book, parchment or anything that had any form of expression on it, was burnt. This was the first Islamic Inquisition of Iran.

Then I went back to the original thought:

So you would think that the only Noble Peace winner of Iran has had, would stand up and organize a group of Iranians of similar calibre, to rescue Iran from its second Inquisition. You would think that she would at least provide the leadership and alternative, instead of moaning.

Then found an answer:

Instead, Iranians have had to become hostages of Stockholm Syndrome, as they have tried to accommodate the very regime they hate. Optimists like me think that this is Persianization at work. That we Iranians are non-violent and we appease our enemy. We soften them. We say we are Persian. This video pretty much sums it up.

And really, the Iranians in the US have managed to convey a civil community. Crime rates amongst the Iranian minority is the lowest amongst all the minorities in the US. That's because they rich. But these Iranians are mostly minorities of Iran itself. Most of them are rich Armenians and Jews. Most had very good trading contacts with the world when they were in Iran, and just relocated. Most of them have become American, and a total loss to Iran. And just like American now behave that they are in another planet.

And then I realized what Persianization means:


Most of the Iranian intelligensia that are in Iran have toughed it out and Persianized HR, because of the HR sanctions which are much worse than US ones. The Iranians who really could help Iran are outside and just mind their own business be they Noble Prize winners or importers from China now in LA. They have become Americanized.

What would change matters is if the Iranians outside could go to Iran easily. That would repratriate too much money from US, and arm the opposition forces in Iran. A new Iran would then be run by all those wealthy Iranians in LA.  The possibilites would be a lot more, and would really put Iran at the forefront of the emerging countries in the world. Who loses out in that scenario?  So it is a matter of Americanization vs Persianization.


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A: That is why I don't live

by alimostofi on

A: That is why I don't live in the US. In the UK you feel that you are Iranian all the time. I know their culture. They know my culture. We love history and old traditions in all our countries. I felt a bit of that in Princeton when I was there as an undergrad. But in the streets of US you see loads of people who look as if they are from all over the world, but they want to leave it all behind. They are "American" as Maz Jobrani says.

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Your observation on

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The Iranians who really could help Iran are outside and just mind their
own business be they Noble Prize winners or importers from China now in
LA. They have become Americanized.

That is a type of stockholm syndrome, they feel indebted to their new country and have assimilated to function including being unrepresentative of persian culture.  Sad, but I see this in many thoughts presented in various peoples articles.

The key is collective conscience as I make the case for it here, //

alimostofi don't you think that is very important?