Perverse Double Negative

by alimostofi

U.S. intelligence agencies are reporting that Iran is not currently building nukes. I am by no means advocating for war as a solution, nor do I intend for it to be an element of this question. But would these be the same "intelligence" agencies that reported that Iraq DID have weapons of mass destruction?
Truly we live in a perverse world. So the US agencies are betting, that once the next media campaign to the pre-emptive strikes gets going, they are off the hook. The world would rather not blame them for getting involved in politics. But that's the whole point. If the US "intelligence" agencies gave credit to Iranian patriots, that are not involved with the Seyyeds, then maybe we Iranians could change our country in our own sweet peaceful way. But they would rather try to get themselves in that llittle spot where the newspapers write about Iran. Not one word is written about how, a public dialogue on the ways and means of non violent resistance, in itself would show up the Seyyeds weaknesses, and show the strength of non violent general strike.


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by Seyyedeh (not verified) on

Seyyed Ali joon, sorry that the US intelligence agencies disappointed you.