Please select an Assembly of 30 Iranians

by alimostofi

People listen. This is important. Someone has to formally ask it, and I am doing it.

We need 30 Iranians to represent Iran. We need to have 30 people who have shown that they have achieved above the call of duty and put Iran above everything else.

Each of the 30 has to be able to be special and have a successful life abroad. He or she must have a safe domain and be willing to sacrifice their time for representing Iran in an interim government.

The Assembly of 30 Representatives will then be presented to the UN and will represent Iran instead of this illegal regime in Iran's Majlis. The 30 will then ask the people of Iran to peacefully remove this via non-violent strikes at the appropriate moments.

It's prime directive is to save Iranian culture, respect and dignity now that the country has been effectively hijacked by people who have put their non-Iranian agenda above that of Iran.

Both internally and externally this regime has become unbearable and the people of the world and Iran feel that they are in danger. That is why the UN will understand the need for them.

We cannot spend too long trying to find the right people as I suspect that people will fail the challenges ahead of them as time goes by, and new members need to be chosen.

We need to make a lot of decisions and cannot sit around discussing things ad infinitum.

Please submit yourself or a candidate here.

This draft request will be edited.


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Thank you for your

by alimostofi on

Thank you for your nomination. It is good to see one of the nominees is getting good press. I posted a comment in the site.


Ali Mostofi



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

nader rezai               nasa

reza ali abadi            msm industries

mike shabazi             v -techs

dariush kadivar          france

reza pahlavi                potomac



Right now the situation in

by alimostofi on

Right now the situation in Iran is very grave. The people in charge of the machineries of state, are a bunch of uneducated bandits, compared to some of the geniuses who are working as superb engineers for NASA, to other areas where global level leadership is needed.

I need not say that, the brain drain of Iran, because its children have been working for the top companies and other governments, has destroyed Iran. There is no doubt, that the people of Iran, would prefer any of these high calibre Iranians.

Once the UN has approved them, then we have a bunch of world class people, who can steer Iran out of this mess. So please let us not be silly, and get serious, if you really want Iran to be led properly.

Otherwise you are stuck with these mad zombies for ever.

Ali Mostofi




only 30?

by capt_ayhab on

Mr. Mostofi, you need a bit more than 30 people to get your revolution going.  And is Reza Pahlavi coming too?

Lets get real gents, before you select your team, you need approval from people in Iran whether this means anything to them.

Hamintori ke alaki nemishe ;-o)



Hello Iranians,

by pedro on

Iranians, this is a very pressing issue. I am sure among your friends, family and on the web you know Iranians who are nationalist, leaders and honest individuals who love Iran and Iranians and would like to dedicate themselves to the great cause of freedom and democracy for Iran. everyone must help identify them and encourage them to use their Iranian ingenuity to make a diffrence. let's do it for you and me and our children, the future generation. let's do it for Iran. let's do it for freedom and democracy. let' do it for the tortured, raped and killed iranians in the hands of Islamic regime for the last 30 years. do not let this become a missed oportunity. America, England, france, Germany, Holand, sweden, canada, Norway etc. None of these countries care to see us achieve freedom and democracy, frankly, it is not to their benifit. notice that I did not even mention Russia and China. We have to role up our sleeves and do it for ourselves. let's support Ali Mostofi for his great vision.

بت شکن

I am the 31st member

by بت شکن on

I will not join a club that will have me as a member.

G Marx



Thanks for your support

by alimostofi on

Thanks for your support Pedro. We have a lot of very capable Iranians, who could seriously contribute to this cause. We need to hear from them ASAP.

Ali Mostofi




Come on Iranians Time is of the Essence

by pedro on

We mst act now, Time is of the Essence. lets go. We can not tolerate any more violence and rapes aginst Iranians. We need to act now. Ali Mostofi, lead the way my friend, we are with you.