The Queen of Persia

by alimostofi

Nahid Persson Sarvestani's very personal film finds her in the company of another Iranian exile - Farah Diba, the late Shah of Iran's wife. Thirty years ago, Persson Sarvestrani was one of those who took to the streets of Iran in support of the Communist faction of the Ayatollah Khomeini's revolution, which saw the Shah deposed and exiled.

She herself then had to flee the country, accused of monarchist sympathies after her film Prostitution Behind the Veil revealed the reality of prostitution in the country. Intrigued by these accusations, she approached Farah Diba, who greeted her as a fellow refugee and allowed access for two years.

But the director was keenly aware that if she revealed her past communist sympathies she would lose Farah's trust. Instead, as she films the profile, she begins to question her own assumptions and ideologies until eventually, she does reveal her background. Will their relationship survive the revelation?

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Unlike Cyrus Reza Pahlavi,

by alimostofi on

Unlike Cyrus Reza Pahlavi, Farah is much more concise and precise in her answers.  For that reason alone, she should be leading the march back to save Iranian culture, from the hands of irresponsible people both in and out of Iran.

But can our current heirs to the Royal Institution confine themselves to just the cultural theme? 


Ali Mostofi




you see F Rusta

by amirkabear4u on

Farah is not worth defending.

Like it or not she was partly responsible for that revolution.

You said,"Farah's indecisiveness and her lack of preparations". If you watched the film carefully the reporter was chasing Farah for a long time. She should have been prepared. MAYBE HER LACK OF PREPARATION REFLECTS HER POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE.!!!

If the good old mam from the beginning kept her distant from Iran it was best for all the parties concerned.

By the way, why doesn't she live with her family in US???


Fairness and Equality in Justice


The Queen asks an important

by alimostofi on

The Queen asks an important question, and Nahid answers it wrong.  The question is "why is it that all left wing did not go to Moscow?" Nahid said, becasue they had no choice.

My answer is that in fact the US, that benefited from the immense brain and finacial drain from Iran, benefited the most.  Iran, not the Shah, as it required the hard work and a lot of determination of the people of Iran; to develop the largest army; much of the infratstructure of Iran, to make it one of the fastest deveolping nations in the world.  We were ahead of Turkey then.  We were to become the Japan of Western Asia.  We had told the US, we can manage the area against the USSR, please leave.  So the US had to think.  Do they leave or put a bigger threat than USSR in the area, so that there are no cut-backs.  The Ayatollahs have doen a wonderul job keeping the military industrial complexes of the world well funded.

So it is the old guns vs butter debate.  Once the US military can go somewhere else to keep itself funded with a new threat, the Ayatollahs will have finshed their use.  That is why no Communist or lefty got to power.  They would negotiate at some point.  And that is not what the US military wants.  It wants enemies.  And the Ayatollahs are its best enemy.

So what is the solution?  Mine has been non-violent general strikes ever since 31 years ago.  I said here before anyone else and was laughed at.  I say it again.  People need to refer to these people as part of the nation of Islam, not the nation of Iran.  They are an Islamic state.  Do not use the word Iran when you are describing their behaviour.  Next, confront them with questions about their inability to win against an Iranian general strike.  Ask them to go to Najaf and create their Kingdom of Seyyeds there. 

If a fly is in your room, you do not kill it.  You turn off the lights, open the doors, and turn on the lights next door.



Ali Mostofi




It was an amazing battle

by alimostofi on

It was an amazing battle between the Queen of Iranian culture versus the Queen of democracy. Politics uses democratic philosophy to justify itself. But it is worthless against the personification of Culture. The Queen loves Iranian culture more than Nahid. Nahid was dumb founded in front of her. She admitted it. The film proves without a doubt that Culture is above all.

Ali Mostofi





by Shepesh on


Farah Rusta

She shouldn't have cooperated with this muckumentary

by Farah Rusta on

I saw this film last year. It was clear fom the outset that the intentions of the film maker were not to portray the Pahlavis in a good light. 

Coupled with Shahbanu Farah's indecisiveness and her lack of preparations the film gives the Shah's leftist and Jebje (zed) Melli critics rich food to feed on.

It is amazing that the same Shahbanu who gives a committed anti-Shah fim maker an opportunity to interview her, denies such an opportunity from a reformed and reversed anti-Shah scholar as Dr Abbas Milani.

Sometimes I think if the good old mam would stay distant from publicity it'd best for all parties concerned.





by Rea on

It can only be accessed by those residing in the UK and Ireland.

Any other link ?


The Real McCoy

by Simorgh5555 on

Yes I supprot Israel. and guess what? You are paying for it with your tax dollars. Why do you let Zionists like me pimp your ass (figure of speach)? Every dollar you make I'll send it to the Jews. I mean if you really had the courage of your convictions and truly believed in your principles why not relocate? Untl you do, I'm your Daddy and you can do all the bitching you like about Israel but you still pay up at the end of the day.

Real McCoy

The hypocricy of the Iranian Left

by Real McCoy on

Ali didn't beat you, it was in your star so to speak!

Talking about hypocracy, your beloved Israel was built on Zionist-Socialist Kibutz and of course American tax-payers' dollar.


The hypocricy of the Iranian Left

by Simorgh5555 on

I wanted to create a thread about the documentary last night - but I guess Ali has beaten me to it. My favourite part of the film was towards the end when Shahbanu Farah made a very critical observation: Why is it the Iranian Left and Mossadeq nationalists who protested against the Shah and were anti-imperialists all relocated to the USA after the revolution? Why did they not emmigrate to the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Greece, Poland or Romania after the revolution? There were plenty of socilialist counties which the Left could feel home at.

It's like some of the 'anti -Zionist' and  'anti-imperialist' users on this very humble site! 

Did they not know that America is the bastion of capitalism? Do they know that America supports 'Zionist' Israel? Do they not know that America is the imperiliast country which dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and invaded Vietnam? Yet the preferred country of choice of many of the Iranian- Mossadeq loving- Meli Mazhabi-Communist was America?

Were they enticed to come and live in the USA because of the high standard of living which was created by CAPITALISM? Were they seduced by the American dream to make a quick buck and be a movie star in Hollywood? I would have thought anything related to America was anathema to them. After all, that was the reason they bore a grudge against the Shah. 

The only explanation the film maker Nahid Sarvestani gave was that "Like Farah we all struggled to find a home". No you did not! You could have crossed the border into the Soviet Union or chose any socialist country in the Eastern Block or Central Europe. You were, afterall, a communist Ms Sarvestani. 

With a few exceptions, the Iranian Left, including many of the users f (no need to mention names; they know who they are), have all sold out. Like other Leftists John Lennon and Charlie Chaplin to name but a few they were always secret American lovers. 

The only difference here is that the IRANIAN Left brought a catastrophe on Iran and they the mother of all evil...........the Great Satan..............AMERICA. 


Hi Ali, thank you for the

by Simorgh5555 on

Hi Ali, thank you for the link. I saw the programme on Channel 4, here in England.