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The US and Europe are right to be concerned about Iran’s nuclear plans. However, a strategy of employing threats of economic strangulation and Security Council resolutions has only empowered the more reactionary elements that thrive on western animosity. Instead of sanctions, the west should appreciate that a nuanced diplomacy of reconciliation could both regulate Iran’s nuclear programme and help stabilise the Middle East. It is the much maligned Mr ElBaradei that has paved the way for success.


The fact that Mesbah-Yazdi & Co want to get rid of Israel at all costs, just does not seem to appear in this argument.


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حقيقتجو (not verified)

با تمام اين فشارها بر عليه ايران، ايران بايست كه بمب رو بگيره


The grand bargain couple

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Ray Takieh's wife Suzanne Maloney: