Rogue banking with Ayatollahs in Iran

by alimostofi

Standard Chartered faces Wall Street exit over Iran claims - Telegraph


I have been shouting and screaming for thirty odd years, about banks that have been dealing with the Ayatollahs' henchmen who have been slaughtering Iranians.

These banks have been doing business with United States. In 1979 whilst I was at Princeton University, I asked, why does the United States, deal with organizations, that deal with the Ayatollahs?

The Carter administration and then the Clinton administration, just turned a blind eye, as the mullahs made money, and used those funds to become the greatest threat to US after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

It all helped to fuel a massive arms buying spree, that made the Shah's purchases like loose change. Who benefited? Well do I really need to state the obvious? It was the banks that provided the funds.

We don't need to go very far in Iran, to see the lavish life style of the IRGC and their families. People used to criticize the Shahanshah's men. But Ayatollah Khomeini's colleagues are a lot worse. And to make matters worse, they are evangelical about it all.

So hopefully the likes of Standard Chartered and HSBC, will dim their exposure to the mullahs. The sanctions the mullahs have placed on the people of Iran has been sour enough. It is about time they were isolated. Time for them and their collaborators went to The Hague. Let us see some bankers put in the slammer.

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FG: I can't understand a

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FG: I can't understand a word you are saying. Sorry?

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So explain this: SOME PUPPET!

by FG on

Exact words as the CEO of Standard Chartered responded to American regulators:

"You f---ing Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we're not going to deal with Iranians."

How is he under "our control" and doing "our will?"  You conspiracy theorists owe the USA an apology don't you think?  You just make up lies and find an explanation for everything in which the USA, the West or Israel is behind everything bad.  How do you differ from the mullahs?


Can't you tell a straight story without inventing lies?

by FG on

...without nutso conspiracy theories,  These are a  perfect example of why Bay of Pigs-style exiles, who blame the USA for all of their problems, get little respect among th Iranian people.   Believe me, you don't speak for them.   You also demonstrate the worthlessness of your cause to the degree you resemble the mullahs exactly.


The Bank got caught.  When the US caught them, a company official actually responded with a "Fxxx you, what are you going to do about it?" arrogance.  Not only are  it's officers facing criminal charges but its stock dropped 24 percent today!   


Odd Motives for "loving" the Mullahs: the Embassy takeover, the marine barracks ion Lebanon, Khobar Towers, IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the kidnapping and murder of four US soldiers by Al Quds.  Those things "prove" we have motive to love them. 


The other proof that we love the mullahs is the bank got away with aiding them get around restriction WE imposed.  Does that make sense?    Note the deletiions used to hide things.

Secondly, by the same logic (with its implied omnipotence) the existance of drug dealers proves we love them or we'd stop them, or the US loves the Colorado movie theater killer and the Nazi fan in Wisconsin or we would have stopped them, and the US loves child pornogphers, etc. 

In all three cases we have laws against such things.   Our mere failure to be able to stop them in any and all instances proves that we love drug dealers, nutso mass killers and child pornographers.


You write from malice.  It's not possible you believe your own nonsense no more than the regime does.  What you demonstrate is that many monarchists are exactly like the ruling mullahs both in intent, technique and a willing to use blatant whoppers for their own purposes.