Romney and Khamenei - brothers in arms.

by alimostofi

What do Romney and Khamenei have in common? They both talk about Iran when they mean Hezbollahis. They are more interested in their own political movements. In fact they both have one agenda - getting money and support. That is what politicians do. So who do these crafty politicians get their funding from? How do they get that funding put on top of the other affairs of the state? Pause and think for a moment about the democratic process. Whoever gets elected has a limited time to get their ideas passed through and voted on. There is a timetable. There are only a certain number of days in a year, and so much to vote on. How do you get your idea to the top of the list? Imagine you want to run for office and you go to a business man and ask him for support. What is the business man going to say? "oh yeah right, I am going to pay for all your advertizing and then once you get elected, you are going to turn around and tell me. "oh sorry it is going to take a lot longer than I thought to get that voted on". So the question to ask is, what proposals jump the list of motions that need to be voted on? The emergency ones of course like matters of nuclear war. Who provides the equipment for this? The military business. What percentage of US GDP is in military? 30%. Simple. So let's go back to Romney and Khamenei. Both are paid to be warmongers. They then will get their agenda on top of a very long laundry list of other matters. They conveniently ignore health education etc. The emergency war vote is carried out and the tax payers money goes into the arms dealers. Simple.


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