Saturn, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Currency War.

by alimostofi

Middle East Tensions And The SAR 12m Forward Rate - Business Insider:


Newton's Third Law States: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

And the world media, very childishly talk about the Iranian Rial doing this and that. The Iranian rial does not do anything on its own. It moves against many currencies.

Now look at the Saudi Riyal. It made a very rare move. I am talking the futures market, as the normal one is pegged to the US dollar. Read the above article.

The Ayatollahs are buying Saudi money. The whole of the Middle East is. I bet the Israelis are hoarding it. That is the reality of the danger ahead.

That is why no one bothers with the Ayatollah traders anymore. As I said earlier, we are entering the phase when the Persian Pirates will become more powerful than the existing Bazaaris.

If the Saudi Riyal returns to its lower values, then all what has happened is over, and the mullahs will breathe a sigh of relief. But it won't. The Astrology is pointing to three years of major changes ahead as Saturn moves into Scorpio. In the very long term the US dollar will disconnect from the Saudi Riyal or there will be a revolution there. All good fun eh?



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