Saving the name of Iran

by alimostofi
What pisses me off more than anything else, is how the world media gets so infatuated with all the shit the mullahs do, and then prints it under the banner of Iran. You all know that I spend my whole life fighting the media on misrepresenting Iran.  It seems that this was the only way to ruin Iran.  But they did it in a subtle way.  They flew in this guy in an Air France, at the time when the Pope was winning against the USSR.  Before we knew it, this all turned out to be a very large can of worms.  We just can't put the worms back into the can, and ship it back to France. For thirty years now we hear, "Iran this, Iran that", and all Iranians know that it is not them, but the alien Ayatollahs.  It has actually meant in a perverted way, that no one calls their kids Mohammed, and many have found peace in other ways, from modern to ancient, with their sense of free will.  But the non-Iranians have not learnt that Iranians are not the same as Ayatollahs.  Oh sure they know that the country has been taken over, but they don't see it as an alien invasion as USSR did to Afghanistan. It has been sincerely hard to get the commentators to change their use of the word "Iran".  I spend most of my time not fighting the mullahs, but ironically the western press reporters, who are not educated enough, or just too damn lazy to describe the regime properly every time they write on it. So my plea to all Iranians is, get your pen, and keyboards out, and correct these reporters.  From now on, if someone writes something horrible on the Ayatollahs, make sure that Iran's name is put in the correct context.  Make sure it is not mixed up with them.  Get them to say "regime" instead. Leave the word "Iran" out of it.

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This is the sort of

by alimostofi on

This is the sort of reporting I am talking about:

BRUSSELS (AP) -- The European Parliament has condemned in a resolution Iran's stoning sentence for a woman convicted of adultery and says the punishment "can never be justified or accepted."Wednesday's condemnation at the parliament in Strasbourg, France, comes on the heels of European Union Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso calling the practice "barbaric." The resolution condemning Tehran won by a huge 658-to-1 margin with 22 abstentions. It was not immediately clear who voted against it.In the face of growing criticism, Iran has framed the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, 43, as a matter for its own courts and society.The parliament also called for the overturning of several other cases in Iran that it sees as contradicting Western human rights standards.


Now wouldn't it be nice, if the good folks at AP used the phrase "Islamic regime".  I think the Ayatollahs would prefer that anyway, as they don't want to be associated with Iran anyway.  They want to create an Islamic regime for all the world.


Ali Mostofi



Maryam Hojjat

Iran & Iranians are distinctive from Mullahs!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I think by now everyone in the world knows the regime in IRAN is not IRANIAN but anti-IRANIAN Arab thugs.

hamsade ghadimi

ali jan, please do not

by hamsade ghadimi on

ali jan, please do not bother yourself with this attention-seeking individual who likes to call you and all other iranians who care much about our motherland any and all names in the book.  he cannot even tell by your connected name where your first name ends and when your last name starts; hence, calling you alim.  and he has the audacity to question our "iranian-ness."

he even embarrases the pro hezbollahi commenters on this site with his jibberish as you can see by the comment that he left on your blog.  the pro and anti-iri veterans are especially ticked off by this individuals since he pretends to having belonged to the iranian army.

with regard to your blog: i think the ignorance of confusing people of a nation and the government that mis-represents them is especially pronounced in the u.s. where most of the population is detached from the world affairs and cultures.  but even the more informed europeans are not immune to this ignorance.  i have noticed though that when i meet non-iranians who have (or have had) iranian friends, are more keen on the distinction of iranians and the government that rules in iran. i believe that many conscientious iranians are following your perscription.


First of all, respect who

by alimostofi on

First of all, respect who you are talking to and do not be rude.  Don't call me delusional.  You are talking to oldest member of the non-violent opposition.  If you want to learn anything, then participate politely.  Now learn.

The real hard fact is, that the regime has been unanimously ignored by all the Iranians in all the elections.  This last scam was perfect example of the regime trying to get Iranians suckered into voting; by thinking that if they voted for the "reformists", then some change will take place.  The next time, you will hear the pin drop outside the polling stations.  


Ali Mostofi



Sargord Pirouz

Alim, you're delusional

by Sargord Pirouz on

There is only one Iranian nation in the world, and that is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

You may wish there were another, but that is in the realm of the imagination. As such, it is unrealistic. 

If you seek political change in the Islamic Republic of Iran, I recommend you vote in Iranian elections. For presidential elections, you'll need a current National ID, and the next one will be held in 2013. Polling stations are provided for the diaspora and situated in many countries, including the US.

For parliamentary elections, you'll need to be in Iran to participate.

Anyway, my final word of advice is to be realistic with your expectations. You cannot complain if a) you are not a citizen and b) you do not participate in the electoral process.

Think about it.