Seyyeds buying friends

by alimostofi

Iran and Malaysia signed a $16 billion agreement to develop two Iranian gas fields, state-run television reported Wednesday, describing the deal as the largest energy contract in Iran.


And the US has threatened the Malaysians with withrawing the preferred trading status, and Malaysians didn't twitch. It is amazing how the Chinese and Malaysians have absolutely no regard for Human Rights. How can they be so materialistic?


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by Anonymous8764 (not verified) on

You mean to say the US is NOT materialistic?? Or that the U.S. does have any respect for human rights???
The current U.S. administration caused the death of over 700,000 civilians in Iraq so they can create permanant military bases in Iraq (which happens to be sitting on top of the second largest oil reserves in the mideast).
You either live in a different planet than the rest of us or you are more stupid than you look.


Ali Mostofi : Apply to "$75M Club"

by Akbar Na-Ganji (not verified) on

I am sorry that mullahs are not paying you. Have you applied to the "$75M Club"? Who knows. They have hired a lot of koskhols like "Jamshid". They may even hire you!!!!


Hey All!

by Seyyedeh (not verified) on

Please don't give the love of my life such a hard time. He is an innocent faalgeer who just want to be political sometimes. I love both Seyyed Ali and Haji Agha so much! Ali joon Moosh bokhoret!



by dariushabadi on

you think the US cares about human rights and that is why it is against the deal?


It is against the deal because it doesn't have a puppet regime in Tehran anymore that can give it cheap oil and gas deals. It is putting pressure on iran so that no one else buys iran's oil/gas so the prices for Iran's oil fall, and the US can find ways to exploit it itself.


You've got to be kidding if you think the US actually cares about human rights in Iran.

Kaveh Nouraee

Change your labelling

by Kaveh Nouraee on

If you don't believe what I have to say here, feel free to ask around. You will quickly learn that I am not politically correct and in fact despise political correctness. Do not equate the IRI and Seyeds or compare the two.  


There are Seyeds in my family who do not support the IRI. By calling members of the IRI "seyeds" you are cheapening, trivializing and ultimately disrespecting many people who have nothing to do with the IRI.


True Seyeds know that the IRI truly has nothing to do with Islam, and that they are merely prostituting it for their own sick purposes, by appealing to the religious sensibilities of otherwise completely uneducated and ignorant people.


Not all Germans are/were Nazis, not all Jews are/were Zionists, and not all Moslems are/were terrorists. So, change your labels, Ali. What you are doing is very inappropriate.


Seyyed = either having raped Persians or were product of direct

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

rape. Anyway, Seyyed wear the rank with pride, but they are nothing but Arabzadehs. It's like some Jews calling themselves Nazis!


To Seyyed Ali Faalgeer

by Seyyedeh (not verified) on

I'm so sorry that Malaysians have also disappointed you like Chinese before them. But you are still my hero. Please keep "faaling". It may work someday.



by MRX (not verified) on

First of all the chinese and the malaysians do not have the long tradition of democracy, magna carta,liberalism, exposure to western philosphical thinking and so on.....

Also their societies are ver over populated (china is a prime example). In these kind of socities just like in ants or termites society, an INDIVIDUAL is not important but the common goal is what is important. It's those exceptional individuals who come up with ideas to transform a society.

Putting all that aside why would any one give a fuck about IRI? every one has found a village idiot who can be milked to the last bone, so why mess with a good thing?