Seyyeds' Emperor's Disapproval

by alimostofi

"I have supported (previous) governments. I support this government too. This also does not mean that I approve of every detail of the work that is being done," Khameini said.

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We had recently two events, that are rather odd, in light of the almost thirty years of Seyyed Inquisition of Nations (SIN). SIN has managed to completely erradicate all kinds of descent, even before they started sometimes. But SIN seemed defeated, when some students raised their voice in the streets, against the Seyyed Poodle pretending to run Iran. No nation, including Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many further afield, has managed to stop SIN. The Russian President is coming to beg them to adhere to NPT transparency rules, and Chinese whispers of flexibilty are not working. SIN is literally giving the secular Iranians birthright away from our soil, for the sake of their dogma. So could these voices of descent and opposition be pure fabrications from within to make SIN look good? Is this all theatre? Even if it is, it is good. For as we know in all despotic regimes, it is like a rice cooker, even the slightest loosening of the valve, and you get quite a lot of steam puffing out. SIN cannot control the 7000 year Iranians' Spirit Of Nowrooz (SON).


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oh I forgot. The second

by alimostofi on

oh I forgot. The second event was the Rowhani's dispproval of AhMADinejad & Co.'s performance.

Ali Mostofi