Shah Left Iran Anniversary


by alimostofi

I am really lucky, I happened to have the week-end off and my birthday is tomorrow, or today if you are in Australasia.  I used to enjoy my birthday, as "my birthday" for a long time, but something happened in 1979, and my heart drifts. Every year some questions pop in my mind, and I can't shake them.  This time around I found the answers write here.  It is really a small world, and it says a lot about the people who are in control of the media and how we all get the news. First of all let me thank Jahanshah Javid for allowing people like to spill our guts out in the last year on this site.  I still have a hard time understanding his comment below to the video below he posted here //

"It's also a reminder that after Mossadegh, the Shah was fully in charge. He and he only decides what's right and wrong; who's a traitor, who's not. Same as Khamenei today. It's the same story repeating itself. It has to stop." 

I originally wanted to get the text of this speech and paste it here without naming the author.  I Googled it and no one had bothered to translate it.  Believe me if they could find faults with it, it would be all over the web, and in many many books.  So listen to it as if it is being made by any Iranian.  The man who made it had a job to do.  He had a mandate to perform certain activities, just as many of us have whatever job we have.  He sounds like a revolutionary.

So clear your head, especially if you have come to hate the Shahanshah. 


If you can listen to this speech as if it was made by anyone at any time then you would say it is cool.  But because you know it is the Shah, you are biased.  Now think what you would do if wanted to sell military equipment.  They are the only people who benefited from this whole situation.  I come from an oil and petrochemical background and we, yes we were responsible for creating the wealth of Iran. That is what my family has done.  What happened to the money from the oil is madness.  The Shah was scared by the US military business to buy arms and the Communists and Islamists benefited from that phobia.  Now it is the other way round, as their partners are selling weapons to them.  Weapon traders, which ever flavour you choose are ruling Iran, and the regimes fluant their phalic symbols all over the place, whilst the people of Iran are struggling to live.  We have more oil than 98% of the world and we lose brains to US and other places because we cannot provide the basic living conditions for civilization to grow.  Our intelligensia is sucked into NASA whilst women are being stoned.

There are Good Iranians in on this planet, but they are not in Iran.  There are Bad people in Iran that pretend to be Iranian and are abusing the wealth of Iran.  We all know this.  The people who pretend to speak for Iranians, will never say that they are Iranian first.   They will never say they care for Iranian Culture.  They will say, "democracy" or "Allah" or "business". They do not allow an institution to exist in Iran to preserve our heritage.  Our heritage takes care of itself no thanks to the foresight of The Ancients of Iran who wrote in stone out of reach.  The so called Earthquakes (nuclear tests more like) of Bam tried to destroy an old monument that was never hit by an Earthquake, but now that they went to repair it, they found even older 5000 year old ruins.  Iran is very old, and it holds all the cards of world history.  We wrote the world history, and our Ancients preserved the history of the planet, and our envirnomental standards were the highest.  Look at the sewage system that Persepolis had.  We Iranians are here, because Gaia loves us.  We respect it in every Nowruz.  We pray to nature.  We introduced the concepts of Free Will, Choice and Existance, as shown in the Zend-Avesta.  So much more was written but got burnt.  So much more was expressed artistically and it was Talibanized by Salman Parsi.  But mad men come and go, and this lot are nothing as they are isolated in every word that is used to describe them.  No one refers to them as Iranian.

My campaign to preserve and defend the use of the word "Iran" continues. My respect for the Royal Institution is unfailing as there no other institutions that have put Iran over and above anything else.

Thanks for reading my rammble. 


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Thanks everyone for your

by alimostofi on

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Ali Mostofi



Maryam Hojjat

Thanks for your great blog

by Maryam Hojjat on

& Happy Birthday to you.  I enjoy always your articles which comes from a true IRANIAN.  


Many Thanks to Mr.

by Arthimis on

Many Thanks to Mr. alimostofi for posting this amazing clip and blog and Thanks to Iranians like "J.D" who despite their comic username are true patriots and beautfully commented here and expressed what true Iranians think and feel inside...

Iran before any Religion and Ideology for Iranains.

Free Iran and Iranians. 

Jeesh Daram

hindsight is 2020

by Jeesh Daram on

این سخن شاه در زمانی بود که اصلاحات ارضی شروع شده بود، خمینی درتبعید و اواخر نخست وزیری دوست صمیمی شاه اسدا لله علم بود. بدون شک سالهای 1964 تا 1971 سالهایی هستند که ایرانیان همیشه به آن اشاره میکنند وبسیاری آن سالها را دوران طلایی پهلوی میخوانند. ما بعنوان دانش آموز دبیرستان از مزایای فرهنگی برخوردار بودیم که شاید در نیم قرن آینده هم نصیب ایرانیان نشود و در عین حال ناراضی هم در بین ما بود ولی فضای بسیار زیبایی بود. دزدیهای کلان بازاری ها تحت کنترل بود، و شروع صنعتی شدن ایران.  در این نطق شاه بطور آشکار مذهب را تحت سئوال قرار داده و غیر مستقیم میگوید که حتی کشورهایی که از حکومتهای مذهبی تشکیل شده اند سعی در اصلاح نحوه ادراه خود دارند و سعی میکند بطور اشاره به ایرانیان بفهماند که دنباله رو  افرادی چون خمینی و دارو دسته اخوان المسلمین نروند.  این شروع سا لهایی است که شاه احساس میکند که باید جای پای خوبی در تاریخ برای خودش درست کند.   دوستش علم را از نخست وزیری برمیدارد و شخصی شایسته چون حسنعلی منصور را بعنوان نخست وزیر منصوب میکند.  چند ماه بعد از همین نطق نوکر دست نشانده اخوان المسلمین و فدائیان اسلام وابسته به طبقه دزد بازاری و نوکران همیشه و ابدی دولت انگلستان برای زدن ضربه به شاه حسنعلی منصور را توسط فردی بنام محمد بخارایی هدف سوء قصد قرار دادند.  همسر منصور فریده امامی دختر تیمورتاش بود. تیمورتاش نیز از قربانیان انگلیس بود و بموقع کارش را ساختند.   حالا طبیعتا برای بسیاری این گفتار شاه شاید ملال آور باشد، ولی باید از آنها پرسید آیا چند سال دیگر ایرانیان باید در این فقر اجتمایی کنونی زندگی کنند تا تازه بتوانند به آن حد آزادی سالهای 1964 ایران برسند؟  این نطق شاه بهدر نرفت.  سخن خوب را هرگاه گوش کینم پندی جدید است. تشکر ازشما و تولدتان مبارک ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ضمنا، برای آنهایی که نظق شاه را ملال آور میخوانند، توجه و گوش کنند به نطق این تریاکی دست هشتم و مقایسه کنند طرز صحبت این دوفرد را.  آنروز که بنی صدر سرکار آمد شروع ریده مان شدن وطن بود. مردک ابله بیسواد، پشت همنداز، کلاش همه چیز باخته حالا همین را کم داشتیم که ایشان مفسر سیاسی ما مردم هم شده است. تو روح پدر هرچی سیاستمدار انگلیسی سگ برینه.......الهی آمین یا رب العالمین



من که با دست خودم سلطنتم را دادم


من که با دست خودم سلطنتم را دادم

یک نفر یافت  نشد تا که رسد فریادم

تو دونی، منم دونم این خرابه آباد نمیشه

روز بروز بد تر میشه، شهر و ولایت ای خدا

این شعر را (امیدوارم که درست نوشته باشم) اشخاص مسنی که وقایع ۵۰ - ۶۰ سال قبل ایران را دیده بودند و با فساد روحانیت و بدبختی حکومت کمونیستی آشنا بودند، در موقع رفتن شاه و آمدن خمینی خواندند!      



by afshinazad on

We don't have the lions like SHAH and his father to save our nation and country from satanic Arab lovers and occupiers. It is time to get these occupiers out of our land. We need to restore our country and clean up the cancer. Our nation must rise up against this fascist satanic regime.

maziar 58

The shah

by maziar 58 on

Will remain as a true Iran and iranian lover in the hearts of many regardless of our demoted kicked out of and iran as he claims sarbaz 0.

ali happy umptieth b-day.            Maziar


Dear "Shahid Sarbaz Sefr"

by Arthimis on

Dear "Shahid Sarbaz Sefr" lol :D, I warned you not to mess with truth and real Iran or I call you by your new name! And you didn't listen again!!

Let me tell you something as a direct descendent of Qajar dynasty! :-)

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi (RIP) by himself alone had more education, consciousness and class than you and the entire Arab/Muslim loving, blood contaminated basijis and hezbollahis put together till the end of time... "Contempt" is an absolute right word when it is used for so called non-Iranian people like you... You will never be qualified to call yourselves Iranian, even if you learn to read, write and speak in Farsi.

Have a nice weekend Basiji joon, you are demoted big time for this weekend... lol If you behave and wake up to reality and truth, you will be accepted amongst True Iranians and will be promoted gradually... Take care.


Excellent speech !!

by Shemirani on

Hich  irani be andaze ishoon zahmat baraye Iranzamin nakeshid va ashege pishraft mardomesh naboode ( ta emrooz ke 2011 hastim )

Most absurd of what i heard was when people said he did a TOO fast modernisation, C'est le comble de la mauvaise foi !!


afsoos bar ma ba in melat namaknashnas ke liaghetesh hamin amsal SP hast hamchenan !

Thanks to you (By the way have a great birthday)


Golly, "almost," this is a

by SargordPirouz on

Golly, "almost," this is a ramble.

But I would change one thing. In my case, it isn't "hate" when referencing the Shah (and his family), it's contempt. There's a difference.