Shahanshah's craftsmen

by alimostofi

"the King of Saudi Arabia had been in Iran, and had seen a beautiful mirrored room. And then the Shah said, well, I will make sure that you have one. And so he sent some craftsmen down.


GWB stayed in the palace that the Shahanshah had made in Saudi Arabia by Iranian craftsmen.

Anyone know anymore about this?


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And I visited Saudi Arabia's Cultural Exhibit in Washington, DC

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

Held at one of the halls at the Smithsonians, it was a disaster, the only thing they offered was the dancers (male) with the swords, the same dance that Bush enjoyed yesterday!

But what was really amazing that in this exhibit which was in 1989, you could see all over the place Iranian miniature paintings of Behzad and others with Persian poetry, such as Hafez and they called it Saudi Arabian art!

We submitted a complaint to one of the officers of the Saudi at the exhibit, but he appeared so dumb. I am not belittling the Arbas, I just want to say what a rich history we have offered the world and how we don't get sufficient credit for it.

Finally, since you brought it up, let me also remind everyone that the Taj Mahal was designed and built by Iranian masoners and architects....


it was Pan Am

by sohrab (not verified) on

it was Pan Am


Shah bailed out TWA or Pan

by Rustam (not verified) on

Shah bailed out TWA or Pan Am. he did many things as a slave.
I heard the news someone asking OPEC tp increas eproduction so the price of oil will go down. That seems to be against Free Market economy idea. So I guess people really do not belive in what they say they believe.
shah was very stupid arrogant and selfish Ba.... who did not care for humanity.
I could never have golden telephone even if i could afford it. How can you do that when people are hungry.

Ali you need to think more and read more and avoid saying things or writings things that hurt your image. This is my friendly advice.


great, double standards

by dariushabadi on

great, you criticize Iran today for giving money to poor people in Arab countries (particular Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine), most of whom share a common heritage with Iran (Iraq and Lebanon share over 500 years of history together)...



...yet you don't criticize the Shah for just creating unnecessary artwork and designs for FREE to the ROYAL family of Saudi Arabia.


The Shah did not get paid to do this for Saudi Arabia, it was one of his many "friendly gestures" to other corrupt governments in the region.


Yet, you criticize Iran today for helping people become LIBERATED from the YOLK of IMPERIALISM.