Sugar Mountain's Website: Yes you are on his site.

by alimostofi

Kooheh Shireen or Sugar Mountain's website has been like honey to the Bees. This website is very strange. You share your photos, thoughts to one person, and all his friends become your friends. In a matter of days you have hundreds of friends. If you like something, it appears on your page. It is easy to show the world what you like on the web. You do not need to know programming. Seven and seventy year olds could be on the web. But wait a minute. This sounds far too sweet. Something is not quite right. When I started my website in aol almost thirty years ago, the first thing I put on it was a counter. Sugar Mountain's site does not allow anyone know exactly how many people did not view the stuff on your pages. If people knew how many people were not dropping by , you would give up. I gave up very quickly on my own website with a counter. So if you have a page on Sugar Mountain's website, remember that not that many drop by all the time. Moreover Sugar Mountain's website makes money on the traffic that goes through your pages you constructed. He knows stuff about you that belongs to you, but he won't share it with you. One day this will all become FaBulously obvious.


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Omg: you are not being

by alimostofi on

Omg: you are not being serious? Esmesho nemitoonam begam shayad saro sedash dar beyad, vali farsiesh mishe goft souratketab. Ya to hameen safe tah daste rast. Va loghat shekar be almany misheh chi? Logat kooh chieh be almany?

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Ali P.

Just curious

by Ali P. on

Does this website have a URL?