Suitcase Economy

by alimostofi

So Goltab co-owner Mehrdad Shojaee gets on a plane and collects payments himself. He and his brother recently returned from a business trip to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, toting $40,000 from customers in his carry-on.


Majid Jalali, a carpet seller at Tehran's sprawling covered bazaar, now lets customers walk out of his shop with his handwoven wool and silk pieces -- worth between $100 and $800 apiece -- without any money changing hands. Foreigners can't wire money into his account anymore, he says. So he tells them to take the carpets and send the money to his sister in Canada. He's been stiffed twice so far. A bigger problem: European and Asian businessmen aren't coming by anymore.


How much longer before the economy collapses. With all the revenues going to centrifuges and the like, the merchants will have to realise the hard way. Enough talk. Money talks and everyone will get the message. But why did the US and EU let the Seyyeds get away with it for so long, when they could have done all this a long time ago?


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Abarmard: Ask a small

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Abarmard: Ask a small business man in Iran, which is better, to suffer with the Seyyeds, or suffer from the Seyyeds.  At least to know that the Seyyed is also suffering, is a good thing.  And they are suffering.  They are having to create new proxies and new banks.  They can run with the Iranian populations' money, but they cannot hide forever.  They will be caught and tried for abusing the wealth of Iran, for their dogma.


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Ali mostofi makes money standing in street corners

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Phantom Islamist economy

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Islamist always try to make believe that the Islamist Republic has a functioning economy as the term is applied in most sane parts of the world. In fact Their Islamist Republic has a command economy which is crude oil export based, is mostly governmen or many subsidized Islamist foundations owned.


Too bad

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That's why these western imposed sanctions are ruining Iranians lives rather than the government. It's hurting our farmers and little shop owners, small developers and so forth. The huge businesses and government based manufacturers and producers are not going to feel the pain.