Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012


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Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Azar or Sagittarius 2012


About twelve hours ago the Moon went from Aban to Azar. You should have really used the last couple of days to share or find the deepest feelings between you and your partners.

Scorpio or Aban energy is all about physical joint assets. In doing so, you would have discarded anything that was not mutually beneficial. What is left is both starteling and refreshing.

Yes things that are coming to an end will end and remorse is there, but regeneration takes place. As an interesting realistic example, was how so much of the internet like Netflix and Instagram crashed. So that is why there is no link. So we learn and we explore.

That energy is called Azar named after the fire that gives us the light to see through this darkness. The sages (after Persian Saghi) in the west called this energy Sagittarius. People had to use philosophy to explain the state of regeneration. With the new positive attitude they would explore and find new answers to the new questions. At worse religious dogma is created.

When the Sun rises in the month of Tir, the Moon in Azar has already set, and it is all about administrating and tidying up your work. All kinds of new more efficient ideas can be discovered to manage bureaucracy.

The most significant moment will be in a day and half when the Moon makes a 90 degree to Mars in Virgo. Mars is about to go into Libra and this is last major angle that will be made to it, in the extraordinary long journey it had in Virgo.

In its approach to Libra Mars has started to make an opposition to Uranus, and all that thunder and lightning caused all that internet trouble. But it is not over for three more days until the Moon has passed over Pluto in Capricorn.

With Mars in Libra expect serious changes for all of you born in the first of Mehr Farvardin Day and Tir. Plenty of good new enterprising initiatives will take place. For sure it will be out with old and in with new. New love and new regulations and negotiations.

So the theme now is to explore and find meaning in your life. It is not about logic and reasoning. Here are the various areas you need to explore more by sign.

Aries or Farvardin: explore foreign cutlures philosophy

Taurus or Ordibehesht: explore joint assets taxes

Gemini or Khordad: explore love partnerships

Cancer or Tir: explore work admin

Leo or Amordad: explore risk gamble

Virgo or Shahrivar: explore family roots

Libra or Mehr: explore brothers and sisters and chatting.

Scorpio or Aban: explore personal assets

Sagittarius or Azar: explore your identity get fit

Capricorn or Day: explore humility be selfless

Aquarius or Bahman: explore social networking politics

Pisces or Esfand: explore your long term outlook or career

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