Sun on Tir or Cancer, Moon in Bahman or Aquarius

by alimostofi

Sun on Tir or Cancer, Moon in Bahman or Aquarius.


In about 6 hours from now the Moon will enter Bahman or Aquarius. We have Jupiter in Gemini or Khordad, and Mars in Libra or Mehr. We have them forming a very lucky relationship called a Grand Trine in the Air signs.

Air signs deal with all sorts of communications, legal matters, and group activities. So use this moment to do all your logistics.

The Moon in Bahman for the Sun in Cancer emphasizes the area of mutual funds. So concentrate on matters of inheritance, estates, taxes and loans. Corporate finances are particularly favoured. It is then quite interesting to see banking politics very much in the news (Barclays etc).

I am trying to make these reports short now.


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