Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Day or Capricorn 2012


by alimostofi

Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Day or Capricorn 2012


In a few hours from now the Moon will move into Day and it will be full Moon in a couple of days.

In the past few days the theme was explore and now is to put all that discovery into practical use. You will reach the point of vision for the long term future.

But and this is very important, the future will need a big shake up. As mentioned, Mars has moved into Libra or Mehr and it is making 90 degrees to Uranus Sun and Pluto. It is a grand cross. It means action for those born at the beginning of each season.

Pluto rules tectonic and volcanic activity and this alignment has triggered Earthquakes before. So if you want to make radical changes do it now.

The planets Venus Jupiter and Mercury are making good angles to the Sun, so all this energy can be put to good use for Geminis and Leos.

This arrangement is called a Yod. It is the symbol of peace and on the flag of South Africa. Interesting enough the focal point of it is bang on the chart of US independance day. It signifies massive changes in US in the next year.

As said Moon in Capricorn makes you think about being responsible and being in touch with long term plans. Here is where it effects with respect to each sign.

Aries or Farvardin: be responsible in career

Taurus or Ordibehesht: be responsible in moral obligations.

Gemini or Khordad: be responsible in taxes

Cancer or Tir: be responsible in marriage

Leo or Amordad: be responsible in work admin

Virgo or Shahrivar: be responsible in expression

Libra or Mehr: be responsible in family

Scorpio or Aban: be responsible in short communications

Sagittarius or Azar: be responsible in personal finances

Capricorn or Day: be responsible with yourself get fit

Aquarius or Bahman: be responsible with charity

Pisces or Esfand: be responsible with social networking or groups

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