The Taliban of Iran


by alimostofi

German defence minister says strike on Iran 'not illegitimate' - Times LIVE


Pause and Think
If someone told you, "we should bomb Afghanistan", you would say, "no way". If someone said to you, "we should bomb the Taliban", you would say, "absolutely". Pause and think. Ask the same question, but this time use the word Iran. Someone says, "we should bomb Iran", and you say, "no way". Then they say, "we should bomb the Taliban in Iran", and you say, "absolutely".

Why do you say "absolutely"?
The reason is that, you know they are the alien force that murders the nationals. This is what happened in Afghanistan, and the UN got involved to help the poor innocent Afghan nationals. The same has happened to the poor innocent Iranians. But somehow we do not get the same attention from UN. Why? The US would have to leave the area.

Nukes from narcotics
If we had a situation in Afghanistan, whereby the Taliban had put together a plan to have nuclear weapons like the Ayatollahs, then we probably would have not had Ayatollahs in power. The Taliban would have been treated as dignitaries by Obama, just like the Ayatollahs are in Iran. They would have been given full UN status. Why didn't it happen? Afghanistan did not have oil revenue. They have narcotic revenue. Do I need to go any further, than to say that it is all grown in Helmand. And who has conquered Helmand? US forces. The Silk Route has been diverted to US forces who need the stuff for free. The US would have to stay in the area.

Emotional words: Communist vs Iran
This logic goes back to the post Cold War world situation. As I have explained numerous times before, the world is full of people who finance and trade weapons. These people thrive on delusional fear mongering. They are making money from various words in the news. "Iran" is the Bogey Man. The world press sells so much news on any article with the words "nuclear" and "Iran". These words are much more emotional than the words "Marx" and "Communist" ever were. The US would have to stay in the area.

Money from ignorance
The media can teach the world, to learn and understand who "The Taliban of Iran" are. They could educate the world, that Iranian people are dying under the equivalent of "Taliban of Afghanistan", every day. They are called "Hezbollahis" in Persian. Yes it links to the Lebanese faction, and Khomeini created it. I do not need to elaborate on that. So the question is, why doesn't the world media do that? The answer is, that once they do that, there will be a solution to Iran. A solution to Iran means no more fear. No more fear means, no money for the fear mongers. The US would have to leave area.

Did this
So you will continue to read the news on Iran, written like the article in the link above. The day they change the way they use the word "Iran", will be the day the word "Iran" will be glorious again. Right now, it has been associated to the word "Taliban". Tell someone "Iran did this", and they will think it in the same vein as "Taliban did this". It makes me cry.


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