Theatres of discourse

by alimostofi

One of the trajedies of the human psyche, is that it forgets and repeats the same mistakes.

How many times have we had wars, just after a long peace. It is not enough to have everyone study and learn from history. Look at the conflicts around the world now.

So the world has to be continuously in some sort of threat, so that nothing big happens. Violence, we are told, is a necessity. And perhaps, that's why the clashes taking place around the world, are much smaller than the major world wars.

Of course, the world media stands to gain, on magnifying the smallest clashes. Violence sells news. Nowadays, with the advent of the internet and blogging, we will not have long drawn out wars; such as the Iran-Iraq war. It was quite remarkable how the world media calmly blamed both sides, and let them kill each other ad-infinitum. US and Seyyeds would like to recreate that. But they cannot control the media anymore.

The future does look brighter, as the new medium for confrontation will be the forums of the net; where strong attitudes will be exposed and confronted. People will speak out and expose the truth, and not be subject to propaganda.

At worst each of us is a form propaganda. At best we are a seed of truth.


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