They touched and talked

by alimostofi

I was ordering a quarter pounder and was waiting to get my food. As I was waiting for the food the lady serving me looked to my right and I noticed a little stir and a reassertion of her dignity. I knew what she was going through for she had served me so many times. So I looked at what she was looking at and I noticed that she stretched her hand to receive payment from another lady like her but dressed scarfed in a black attire. I saw their hands meet and touch in respect. No religious thought had passed through my or the Israeli girl who had served us. I knew what she thought but Moslem girl did not who she had touched and felt good telling us what she believed in. Human power was over and above everything. I felt human and I knew at that moment that Hamas had accepted peace. I laughed at humanity and thanked MacDonalds for showing this to me.

In abscence of ideologies two opposites had accepted each other.


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by Ajam (not verified) on

Yeah... right on! Let's build a McDonald's on the border, so Gazans can order a quarter-pounder of peace with a side order of tranquility whenever they get bored!!!