UN emergency meeting for Iran now.

by alimostofi

We need a UN emergency meeting for Iran now.

.:Middle East Online::Iran rejects US quake aid :.

It is madness. The world literally accepts a "no" from the Ayatollahs in Iran. The UN adopted the ancient Iranian concept of Human Rights, when it was formed some sixty years ago. But it does not apply it to Iran.

There would have been a UN emergency meeting, if another country had invaded Iran, and was murdering and ignoring Iranians, who had suffered an Earthquake.

But no, the US accepts these Ayatollahs as people's representatives, and accepts their rejection of help. How can UN allow this?

Imagine the fuss the Ayatollahs would make, if the US government did not allow funds to go from the Ayatollahs, to some disaster in a moslem area in USA.

For thirty years the Ayatollahs have served the US well. They have been a perfect foe. All the biggest military contracts have been made, because of the threat the Ayatollahs are to the US. Imagine them being removed. Who would lose out? Which business would lose a lot of money?

Let Iran be run by peaceful people.


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So they give remorse, then

by alimostofi on

So they give remorse, then what?

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The UN is paid for and the vehicle for legitimacy of Hypocrit

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

military backed empires , like the USA, the UK, France.

The West for its part, Loves the extremists in Islam for iran and human rights only count for some of their people, the many who's mind are controlled and so idly sit by and go along with enslavement and poverty creation on a scale unimaginable even during the darkest days of colonialism.

Iranians are the ones who need to not allow themselves to be deceived and need to start to rally around their own flag, that irans democrats were manipulated and betrayed Iran by siding with the Devil to get rid of an Angel like the late shah and the majority of his "Iran first team", and that they know this and refuse to honestly feel the remorse necessary to fix their character and rebel for iranian freedom, this is the extent of what is in the hands of the Iranian peoples for now.