US is Choopan Doroogoo on Iran's Nukes.


by alimostofi

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For how long have we read dellusional headlines about "the nukes from Iran"? It helps so many people. It is refreshing to read the above link.

It helps the Ayatollahs to look tough, and even make them appear Iranian. To most Iranians, Ayatollahs are aliens. They put Islam above Iran. Knowrooz (Nowrooz) Iran is spiritually tied to very much deeper Avestan philosophy. More people in Iran celebrate Knowrooz than anything else.

The other, perhaps more important people, who benefit from headlines about "the nukes of Iran", are the US. US has sold nearly US$ 60 billion of military equipment this year. The people who support this trade, from bankers to other traders, keep the Ayatollahs in power, and want to have the right policies in place in US.

Both Democrats and Republicans in the US, have supported geopolitical military strategies, to keep the US arms business fully employed and profitable. It did not matter who else suffers both in the US or other countries.

For the Ayatollahs it is the same story. They and the Shahanshah know, that they need to keep the military happy. So vast amount of the country's wealth goes to keep the military jobs in place. The Shah had to go when he stopped buying from the arms bazaar.

Meanwhile, in both Iran and US, there are deep social problems. Ironically an economic calamity, is the only safeguard against a global war being triggered. But there is no guarrantee. The arms traders benefit from global war. So it is best, to have an economic disaster in the form of a Great Great Depresson, than a WWIII. It is funny, but most wars start when there is an economic calamity.

The choice is US's. They can keep the Ayatollahs, and use their rant to "Cry Wolf", like the lying sheppard, to keep military policies. Or get they can get rid of the Ayatollahs, and have sensible Iranians run Iran instead of working for US companies.

Logically, it does make sense for the US to not change anything. As I have written in my previous articles, the US needs brains and labour all the time. It thrives on creating instability in growing regions of the world.

The US does not want young industrious citizens in West Asia, to build businesses there in peace. They want that person to move to US. Just look at the free US TV satellite programs being beamed to Iran. So they intice him to go to USA and leave the mullahs. But once there in the land of freedom, they want him to feel he has to give his hard earned cash to military programs in US. Madness!

The last thing the US needs is for all the brains of Iran to go back to Iran. There are some three million top notch Iranians in US. If they were in Iran instead of US in the past 30 years, Iran and all the Western Asian states would have surpassed all the East Asian states. But all those Iranians and West Asians are now part of a dispersed diaspora. So US's strategy is to keep West Asia in turmoil.


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United States of Islam

by alimostofi on

A: The amazing part of all this, is that the people leave their countries, without any sense of guilt. Make money and watch TV in US.

The US in turn makes sure that an element is kept in power, which will be totally alien to the immigrants in the US. For years it was Communism. Now it is Islamic fanaticism.

Ban Ki Moon actually mentioned that his old county South Korea lived under US occupation, just to get the Ayatollahs' sympathy. Look at the millions of Koreans, that left their country to be productive for USA.

The US has the same plans for Iran. They want to do a Korea or a Yugoslavia to Iran. The Ayatollah want the same. Both the mullahs and US love Federalism. It is the old divide and rule.

We will end up with loads of little Islamic states, all hating the US and not nationalistic at all. You will end up with a United States of Islam or an Islamic Union.

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Ali, I feel your pain and share your outrage, that in this era ,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of science we have the USA setting up and defending extremists in power from afghanistan, iran, iraq, syria, to egypt and libya slowly and consistently as if it is in love with its own stupid aims and will not change its path no matter what the price in terms of human rights.